Monday, June 22, 2009

preschool graduation and carnival

The twins across the street had a birthday party. I loved the cake-ofcourse. Look how different their hair is!

For Memorial Day we had Chris's family over and ate and then we went over to the Joyner's (a family from church) to cookout. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved the watermelon.

My very dear sweet friend Nicole was in town from Florida. We met them at McDonalds Memorial Day morning so we could visit. Her girls Fabienne and Jenny are beautiful and sweet.

Sydney and I went to see her cousin, Emma, at her dance recital.

We went to Megan's wedding reception at the University Club on May 23rd. She was a BEAUTIFUL bride. I loved her dress! The best part was they had a room set up where the kids could hang out and color and stuff. So, Chris and I got to visit with friends and eat. The other best part was cheesecake from The Cheesecake factory! YUM!

Daddy (Hugh) and daughter dancing-it was so sweet! I teared up thinking about Sydney and Chris having that dance one day.

Susan and her family were there. We miss them!

I know her eyes are closed, but this is such a sweet picture.

Sydney graduated from preschool and is getting ready for BIG school. They had a cute little ceremony at the church. The graduates sang "Yes, Jesus loves me" in spanish and english and did sign language, recited the pledge to the flag and to the bible, and sang "God loves you". Then they gave each child an award and a diploma. Sydney received the award for "doing everything on her own time". In other words she is a slow poke! They played a slide show of the children-ofcourse I teared up! They had a little reception in the gym afterwards. It was really sweet! Thank you to Mary, Drew, Colt, momma, daddy, YaYa, Pop, and Stacey and kids for coming to see Sydney graduate. Then everyone came back to our house for pizza and cookie cake.
Sydney opening her polly pocket race track from momma and daddy

Pappy with his smart car. He is back in Germany and has started updating his blog again-so check it out. Gran Gran was able to go and spend 3 weeks with him.

Mary and Colt

Sydney with her cake

we are proud of our graduate!
some of her class on stage

Sydney with her teachers-Mrs. Barbare and Mrs. Benita

Sydney and Luke

Sydney in the dryer

There was a little carnival in taylorville so we took the kids. The first ride they went on was a roller coaster and I thought John Evan was going to be so scared. I was thinking we just wasted that money on his arm band. But-he got off and LOVED it-wanted to ride again and again.

This was like a little obstacle course-again I thought he would be scared. NO WAY!

This little race car ride was really cute.

with Daddy on the Merry-Go-Round

Maybe this is a good sign that they will love Disney World!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

John Evan is 3

My precious baby boy turned 3 on May 28th. He is such a sweet, loving, and funny little boy. He loves to sing his ABC's, knows all his letter sounds, can recognize lots of letters, and also likes to count. He LOVES his toys-especially matchbox cars. He will just sit and play forever. He actually misses his toys when he is away from home. He is officially potty trained. I think it helped that I waited until he was older because it happened pretty past. Well, the tee-tee part anyway. He is also sleeping in his big boy bed now too He started last Sunday night and has stayed in his bed all night-except one night. Pretty good, huh? Wish I could say the same about his 5 year old sister!

recital videos

I took these videos with my regular camera at one of the rehearsals. I was able to record the dress rehearsal on my video camera and those turned out really well. See more pictures below.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spring Recital at Bama Theatre

Sydney's dance recital was in May. For ballet, there was a Doll Shop theme and her class were the Old Fashioned Dolls. For tap, there was a Soda Shop theme and her class danced to Rock Around the Clock. Both dances were really cute and you could really see some improvement from last year. She loved being on stage! Thanks for everyone who came to see her and to all the grandparents who payed for her "ad" to be in the program!

Miss Nikki and Sydney

Proud momma!

Chris's cousin and her daughter Emma came to see Sydney!

Anna and Sydney

Gran Gran and Pappy

Anna, Emma, Sydney, Audrey Ragan, and Hannah

Hannah, Sydney, and Beth

John Evan waiting patiently at the rehearsal

They had 2 rehearsals at the Bama. One was a regular rehearsal and one was dress.

The girls waiting on their turn to dance.

Sydney loves to dance and I am so proud of her! At ABJ they have the Dance Company which is a group of girls who compete and stuff for the studio. This year they are starting another group of younger girls to be a part of the company to kinda introduce them into it. Sydney has been asked to be a part of this company. This is so exciting! There is a meeting on Tuesday where we will learn about the time and financial commitment-so we will then decide if it is something we want to do.