Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rickey Harrison 10k

A couple of weeks ago I ran my first 10k race. I was really nervous about it. I am not used to running in the cold and it was pretty chilly that morning. But, it didn't take long to warm up. We(me ,Karrie, and Yvette) started out in the back and decided that if we wanted to finish it we would have to steady ourselves. So, we did and finished at 1:10:40. Yvette kicked our butts @ 1:01:00! Karrie and I just kind of chatted the whole time and enjoyed ourselves. One volunteer even mentioned that he could hear us laughing a mile away and if we didn't talk so much we could run faster. Now what fun woulf that be? NONE at all! It was such an awesome feeling passing the finish line! I felt AMAZING! Yvette placed in her age group. That girl is good!
I have been training really hard for my race on April 25th. I am now running about 4 days a week. I am only up to 8 miles but I hope to up that soon. See the cute pink thing Yvette is wearing? I told Chris that almost everyone at the race had one. So, he went out that day and bought me one! HOW SWEET!

party marathon

A couple of weekends ago I ran a marathon. No, not really but it seemed like it! We had a birthday party at the Skate park @ 11am, one at Chuck E. Cheese @ 2pm, one at All Fired Up @ 5pm and one at a friend's house @ 6:30pm. Did we make it to all of them you ask? Why yes we did! Did I take pictues at all of them, why no I didn't. Was I tired at the end of the day? HECK YEAH I was!
Sydney with her friend, Ballard, at All Fired Up. All the girls at the party!
Birthday girl-Audrey Ragan

Sydney painting a cat

The BEAUTIFUL birthday cake!

My nephew, Colt, turned one and my neice, Shelby, turned 5. So, Elizabeth and Mary decided to have a joint party at Chuck E. Cheese for them. John Evan is usually terrified of "da mouse" (as in won't get out of my arms if he is anywhere near! )but I guess he got over it cause he had so much fun dancing with him.

I love this picture of Evan.
Their cute and yummy cake!

Birthday girl

Birthday boy and mommy

I just love this picture of Sydney and her two favorite friends Emma and Anna!

John Evan says some of the cutest things these days!
I want some adigator(like Aligator with a d). TRANSLATION: I want some
Holge me. TRANSLATION: Hold me.
I want to save this one TO later. TRANSLATION: I want to save this one for
If I ever ask him, "John Evan did you do that?" His answer is always "No, somebody did that."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boot and Germany

Check out Chris's boot!
He has been having some pain in his foot for a while. Well, the other night he was playing basketball with the youth at church and went up on his toes to shoot the ball. He said he felt it pop and it felt like somebody hit him in the bottom of his foot with a baseball bat. He went straight to work and worked all night in his steel toe boots. The next morning his foot was black and blue. So, he went to the doctor where he found out he tore a ligament. They wanted to put a full cast on it but he knew he couldn't work in that so they put it in a boot. He has been wearing his boot except when he is at work. He says it is feeling a lot better and will go back to the dr. on Friday. I have to remind him that he is not 16 anymore and has to be careful!
My daddy is in Germany right now for his job. He left last Monday and will be gone for 2 months. He will make another trip this summer. I started him a blog so he could keep us updated on his tripp. Here is his blog address.

Monday, February 09, 2009

just the beginning

This is just the beginning of some things I have been wanting to blog about. I am so far behind on life in general!
Last Friday I decided to take the kids to the gymnastics meet by myself. I was really nervous about is because John Evan can be a handful! Well-they were PERFECT! We had so much fun! John Evan danced and clapped and loved it. Ofcourse, Sydney enjoyed it too! We saw my friend, Adella, and her family there. Well, the kids play with their daughter, Taylor, at the gym all the time. So, when I asked John Evan what his favorite part of the night was he said "Seeing Taylor".We stayed through the third round. JE didn't want to be in the picture and my face is bright red! It was hot in there!

Super Bowl Sunday we went over to the Thompson's. They are HUGE Steelers fans. I think it is so cute that their 6 year old son is so into football.

Chris wore this HILLARIOUS helmet the whole game and kept saying"have you seen my baseball?" Does anyone know what movie that is from?

My little fairy princess..........

Everytime I try to take a picture of JE closes his eyes!

Sydney's friend, Merigan, had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I thought Yvette did a great job on the cake.

Birthday girl!

Our really good friend, Luke, turned 3 and had a Yo Gabba Gabba party. It was SO much fun! Tammy is SO amazing and creative! She made all the kids t-shirts and the AWESOME cake and cupcakes. The kids danced and played games and had a last. The best part was Justin (Luke's daddy) was dressed up as the DJ and he welcomed everybody at the door. It was HILLARIOUS! I can't believe I never got a picture of him.
Sydney jamming

Sydney with the birthday boy
Future couple???? Who knows?

how cute are these?!?!

More to come!
Logan started his radiation last Thursday. He got pretty sick those first two days but is tolerating it a little better this week. Unfortunately, he is back in the hospital because he had to have a procedure done. Alice said he rode a tricycle taround the hospital and has taken a few steps. He was even able to attend part of church on Sunday. They still need A LOT of prayers!
Chris's step-dad is in a rehab nursing home. He will be there for a total of 20 days. He is gaining some strength. His mom has been in town and is hanging out with him a lot. That has been really good for him.