Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Do you ever get the overwhelming feeling of love for your children? I have always loved my children but here lately I will just be sitting there and just all the sudden be filled with love. Maybe because there are so many bad things going on-I don't know. But-I love them and I hope they will always know that.

Chris's dad -that had open heart surgery-is doing great. He went back to full duty at work this week. I think he actually enjoyed being off work for so long since it happened to fall right during hunting season.
Speaking of hunting season-so glad duck season is over!

My little friend, Logan, is showing improvement but sure has been through a lot alreayd and has a long rode ahead. He might even beable to go home on Friday but will have to start radiation soon after that. Prayers needed!

Chris's step-dad is not doing well. He has been in the hospital since last Wed. He was in a bad transfer truck accident 6 1/2 years ago where he suffered a head injury, broken wrist, and burns. He is been on permanent disablity ever since and has had lots of problems on and off. He is having some trouble right now and there is not much that can be done except to treat his symptoms. Please pray that he will be comfortable.

Friday, January 16, 2009

blessings and visits

Just had to show my little invention didn't work out so well. All the cards sagged to the middle and you couldn't see them well. I'll have to rig it better next year. By the way-my cards are still up. I LOVE Christmas cards and don't ever want to take them down! Evan was blessed on the 4th. We all went to Valoree's after church for lunch.

We missed Mary and the boys.

Evan's dress was SO beautiful! Angie did a WONDERFUL job!
I'm so proud of the newest addition to our family!

Ashley, Sydney Kate, and I took a girl's trip to Huntsville to see the Messervy's and the Layton's.
Madison and Sydney were so excited to see eachother! Chris M. watched all the kids so we could go out to eat. We went a yummy Tai (spelling?) restaurant. I was real scared while looking at the menu but it ended up being great!

me, SK, and Ashley

Kate is almost one and so sweet!

We had Madison take our picture. That is why it is at an angle. Doesn't Kim look amazing? I am so proud of her.

Jack (almost 2) and Madison

Saturday we went to visit Kristen and Chase and Cade. What a sweet baby.

the girls had a blast

Thanks Kim for having us over! Come see us soon!
Chris- I LOVE LOVE YOU! Thank you for keeping John Evan so we could have some girlie time!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You might be a redneck if.......

You might be a redneck if you take your kids to the shooting range and to take a ride in the "duck" boat!
Chris was off the whole week after Christmas so we spent a lot of time together. He really loves being outside.
We went out to the river for a quick spin. It was really cold once we started going and the water was real choppy but the kids still loved it.

After riding around for about an hour and a half we finally found the shooting range. It was loud!

John Evan's first time to shoot a gun.

He really want to take Sydney Kate hunting-but I'm trying to hold him off as long as I can!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

more Christmas

The kids put out cookies for Santa and raisans for the reindeer. Also, we sprinkled a mixture of glitter and oatmeal in the yard for the reindeer. That way they can find our house by smelling the food and seeing the sparkle of glitter. John Evan got that from his nursery class at church and I thought it was so cute!

Sydney got up first and came running in our room "He came He came" So we let her look at all her stuff before we woke up John Evan. Sydney just kinda walked around and pointed to all her gifts. John Evan was real sleepy but when he saw his race track he jumped out of Chris's arms!
John Evan's race track-he LOVES this thing!

Sydney Kate's hair salon

Baby Alive that tee-tees and wiggles

This is the first year since Chris and I have been together that we did not have anywhere to go on Christmas day. It was SO wonderful. I made pull-apart rolls for breakfast and we just lounged around all day and played with all the new toys. My momma and daddy and Heather came by and so did Chris's mom.
The Saturday after Christmas we went back to Chris's dad's house for the whole Sprayberry get together. We had hamburgers and chilli and just all got caught up on eachother's busy schedules.
Sydney and her cousin Emma

We always spend Christmas Eve at my parents. We had TONS of food! Momma gave all the kids pajamas that they changed into and the adults played Dirty Santa. We had a BIG surprise. Santa came by for a visit. It was so neat to see the kids so excited.

An attempt to get all the kids. There are now 9 grankids.

My favorite part of Christmas Eve is reading out of the bible. All the kids gather around my daddy. Chandler usually reads a part. Just so simple and sweet!

Christmas Eve day we went to Chris's aunt and uncles house . They had it catered by Cracker Barrell. YUM! So we ate and played Dirty Santa with all "Alabama" gifts. They had tickets to basketball games, hats, huggies, playing cards, posters, books, just all kinds of neat stuff. I already had my turn so Chris stole me a really cute Elephant necklace. That definately gave him brownie points!
Papa Sid in his Alabama hat

My little friend, Logan, had a successful surgery yesterday. The doctors are pretty sure they were able to remove the whole tumor. They did a MRI today and are waiting on the results. He is still heavily sedated. Keep praying please!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a start

I like to post a lot of pictures but there are just TOO many so I'll try to just pick a few.
The Tuesday of Christmas week we got together at Chris's mom's house. We had an awesome dinner and opened presents. Chris's step-dad got a pair of binoculars and John Evan loved them.
Sydney with her talking puppy, Lexi.

Matt and Sydney and Eric's soon to be step-children (Jordyn, Terrance, and Josh)

As I was looking through my pictures I came across about 5 like this. Chris installed this duck blind on Chad's boat. It took A LOT of hours!

The Saturday before Christmas we went to Chris's dad's house where we ate finger foods and opened presents.
Janet had surgery on her neck today where she had two discs removed. She is doing well and is supposed to have immediate relief from all the pain she has been in.
The kids and I made some goodies and took them around to a few friends and neighbors.

sweet babies

acting out the Christmas story at church-Sydney is an agel in the back row

The kids and I made a gingerbread house. It turned out really cute!

More to come!
My conversation with Sydney Kate today:
SK "Momma, do you want a chocolate chip?"
Me "No, thanks I am trying to cut back on my sweets"
SK "Maybe I should cut back on my fruits"
Me "No, fruits are good for you-maybe you could join me and cut back on your sweets too"
SK "I think you should drink more water"
Me "That's a great idea"
She proceeds to go to the fridge and bring me a drink. After I finish it she says " You look smaller already"
HAHA ! I wish it worked that fast!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Prayers needed

My beautiful friend, Alice, found out yesterday that her 4 year old son has a brain tumor. He will have surgery on Friday. Please keep him and the whole family in your prayers. Thank you!

Monday, January 05, 2009

just the beginning

My dear and precious friend, Tammy, and her kids came over before Christmas for a play date and we made really cute Santa ornaments.

Sydney's last day of preschool before Christmas break.
The dressed in their pj's (well Sydney Kate wore a night gown) and watched Polar Express and ate popcorn. They were learning about the letter "P".

I met some more dear and precious friends (adella and kim) at the mall to see Santa and do a little shopping.

Taylor LOVED Santa! It was the cutest thing. John Evan would not have anything to do with him. Sydney did sit in his lap but I didn't get any pictures. They now have a stupid rule that you can't use your own camera unless you buy one of their packages. The lady was WAY rude to me!

They loved riding the train!

Some of the cousins after church one day. So cute!
I will probably have a TON of Christmas posts-so beware! I love Christmas so much and miss it already!
RANDOM-I love when I am reading a book to John Evan and I stop to talk about something in the picture and he says "Don't talk about it" I guess he wants me to stick to the story!
Whenever Chris has to get onto John Evan he comes running up to me and says "Daddy hurt my feelings" It is so cute!
My new calling at church is Sunbeam teacher (teacher for the 3 year olds) I am real excited about staying in primary!