Thursday, October 23, 2008

last one

BEWARE-the next 4 posts have A LOT of pictures of my beautiful children!

Love this! What a perfect shot to show their love!

Thank you Amber! You did a great job!

and more


Monday, October 20, 2008

more beauty

Can't help but laugh!

so sweet!


Below are A LOT of pictures of my kids. If you don't think my kids are cute(which I don't know who wouldn't HAHA) you might want to skip the next couple of posts. My dear friend, Amber, is starting a photography business and did a photo shoot for me. Check out her website @ She is running a great November special. Check her out!
My future JCREW model!

Hudson was with us that day and we also got some great pictures of him!

I love their barefeet! John Evan up on his tippy toes and Sydney showing off her pigeon-toedness!
love her hand on his back
jumping-his favorite thing to do inside and out!

my little poser!

Monday, October 13, 2008

birthday party and Capstone 5K

Sydney Kate went to a birthday party last weekend. It was for her friend Eloise and was at the Acadmey of Ballet and Jazz where they take dance. Sydney picked out the cutest outfit and had a ball dancing around!

the birthday girl
We got these sticky straw thingees and I thought Sydney did a really good job with her name.
We ran the Capstone 5K on Saturday.
Karrie, Chris, me, and Yvette

My time was right at 30 minutes. I placed third in my age group. Yvette kicked my butt at around 26 minutes and placed in her age group and Chris finished 2nd in his age group. Karrie did great too but did not place. I have realized once I turn 30 the competition gets tougher! The best part is the door prizes. Chris got some free meals to Guthries.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Railroad Express Pumpkin Patch

Chris and I took the kids to Calera, Al to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. Can you believe Chris missed an Alabama game? He must REALLY love us!
We chose this one because John Evan is obsessed with trains. You get on a real train and take about a 20 min ride out to the patch. Once there you pick a pumpkin and they had a hayride, face painting, coloring, etc.

Sydney chose a butterfly
John Evan chose a snake
I love this picture because I think Chris and John Evan walk just alike
as you all know Sydney is such a poser-so she went all over the patch choosing places to pose.

on the train-we chose an outside seat
this is a gross picture of me-but I love the face JE is making

the train was loud

this was a real steam engine we got to check out

inside the store they had a train table. JE was SO upset when it was time to get on the "big" train cause he was having fun playing.

I loved how everyone was dressed up for their part!