Sunday, August 30, 2009

late summer post

Can't believe summer is over! Here are some more fun things we did. We had my nephew, Drew, spend the night. They had a blast. It was so cute cause usually when we have friends or cousins spend the night they usually sleep in Sydney's room. This time Drew slept in John Evan's room and it was like his first little spend the night company. We had Hudson spend the night one night too (can't believe I have no pictures!)
Sydney had to have a family picture for school and ofcouse we didn't have an updated on. So, we snapped a quick one after church. Thanks Roz!
John Evan loves his little friend Jackson.

I love this picture of them hugging.
Taylor's birthday party at the Dance Center.

We had my neice, Shelby, spend the night. We met Elizabeth at the Galleria and just walked around and rode the carousel.

we saw Elmo there......

Kim and Susan came to Tuscaloosa for some girlie time! It was wonderful! Susan brought us a basket full of pampering items and goodies. How sweet is that? They got there on a Friday night and we just stayed up late talking. Saturday we went shopping and ate at Olive Garden, Susan left late Saturday afternoon and Kim and I worked on some sewing projects. Well, she worked and I supervised. She made a bedskirt for John Evan's bed and a eurosham for both beds. They are beautiful! Chris watched the kids (and Madison too) all day so I could have some girlie time. He took them to Anna's birthday party at the Fun Factory. Ofcourse there are no pictures since I wasn't there...but they had fun. Then to McDonalds and to see G-Force. Thanks girls for coming! I can't wait for our next girlie time!

hanging out with Anna and Luke

Pioneer Day at church was really neat this year. The family in charge did a great job. We had dinner, games, music, and a pie contest.

stick pull

Dan was beating everybody!
sack races

Sydney and Merigan

We are still decorating the house! I bought some paint for the kid's rooms today! YAY!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Update on school

For some reason my blog is not letting me load pictures...oh well. Sydney Kate is doing some better. Some days are easier than others. We made a sticker chart last Sunday. She gets a sticker if she does not cry when I drop her off in her room. She did great last Mon and Tues. Wed rolled around and she didn't do so good. She didn't cry but she whined and held on to my leg and then when I was leaving after lunch she followed me back down the hall atleast 3 times. So, I went ahead and gave her a sticker but we had to change the rules a little.
Her class is doing a color cafe where they study a color each day-they dress in that color and eat a snack that color and learn how to say it in spanish and sign language. It's really cute and Sydney Kate has enjoyed dressing in a certain color. They had homework every night last week. It was a worksheet front and back. So cute!
Well, as I type this the school nurse just called and said she is complaining of a sore throat,,,so I am off to go get her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

I still have some summer fun I want to post about but I had to jump ahead and post about Sydney Kate's first day of school.
We had open house on Sunday where she got to meet her teacher. Ms. Roberts gave her a hug when we walked in and told her she had heard so much about her and was so excited about having her in her class. It was very sweet! Ms. Roberts gave her a cute little bear as a "welcome" gift.
We walked around and looked at the school. This is in the library.

Posing in her cute classroom.

Posing at the loft

My wonderful sister, Mary, offered to have John Evan over to spend the night so I could have some time with Sydney Kate and not have to worry with him the next morning. Mary said he did great! Thank you so much! So, I took Sydney Kate to her her toe nails and fingernails painted and then we met Chris and Chad at Taco Casa. The girl doing her nails was so sweet.

They are painted pink with orange flowers.

At open house Ms. Roberts gave us a poster to fill out. I thought she did SO good on all her drawings and words.

Cute back pack, lunch box, and snack bag
I know they all clash but they are still cute!
Ms, Roberts also asked them to decorate a shoe box and put in 5 things that tell about them.
1) a barbie doll cause she loves to play barbies
2) a pink party hat because she loves to go to parties and pink is her favorite color
3) sea shells cause she loves to go to the beach
4) finger paint cause she loves to do arts and crafts
5) a picture of her family because she loves her family and she has a 3 year old brother

Tuesday morning she did great. She was very very excited! I on the other hand was sick to my stomach and was on the verge of throwing up all morning! She did great when I walked her to her room-I was so proud! But , as soon as I walked out I started crying and went straight to the bathroom and stood in a stall until I could stop. It was HEARTBREAKING! So, I pulled myself together and went to the boo hoo breakfast in the library. It was very nice but I cried several more times while in there talking to other parents.

My beautiful baby before school

Savannah and Sydney Kate
I went straight home and did some cleaning and then Mary and the boys and Tammy and Luke came over. Thank goodness for that cause it kept my mind busy! Thank y'all for hanging out!
Here comes the hard part............
When I picked Sydney Kate up she came running out very excited but as we were walking to the car she just lost it! She started hysterically crying. She was upset that I didn't eat lunch with her and she wanted to go back to preschool and she was scared of the big kids and she missed her mommy! It was pitiful! So, we sat in the car and talked for a while until I could calm her down. I think she was just so tired and overwhlemed and emotional and when she saw me she just let it all out. IT WAS SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!
Today was lots better. I left her with no problems except John Evan crying because he didn't want to leave her. We went back to eat lunch with her and she cried a little when I left but she was perfectly fine when I picked her up. YAY for a better day!
I just can't even explain how I feel-but hopefully I will get used to it. Thank you to everyone who called and checked on her and to Shannon for the wonderful cupcakes!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

summer happenings

I am in total shock that the summer is almost over. This is the first time in YEARS that the end of the summer actually meant anything to me because my baby girl is starting Kindergarten! We have open house on Sunday where she will meet her teacher. As some of you know I have been super nervous about finding out who her teacher would be but am very excited that she got one of the teacher's that I requested. She also knows 4 other people in her class (two from church and 2 from preschool). We are sad that her super sweet friend, Beth, from preschool didn't get in her class but maybe they will be able to go on some field trips together or something.
Anyway, we had a busy summer and here are some of our happenings.
We spent a lot of time pool hopping.
Ellie Mac, John Evan, and Taylor at Miss Nikki's pool
John Evan thought he was so cool with the girls!
Anna(a neighborhood friend) invited us to her birthday party at the Bobby Miller swimming pool.
You may have to enlarge this picture to see it but I thought it was so cute. John Evan and Ellie Mac know eachother from the daycare at the gym. They were ADORABLE swimming and playing together.

Alabama Adventure had a deal one day where you could get in for $10 so we went with momma and Shelby and Mary and her boys. It was kinda rainy but kept things cool.

Fourth of July
We met the Thompson's at Sokol for the fireworks show
We went to Mallard Creek neighborhood and participated in their parade and then went swimming. They had a huge blowup water slide and john evan slid OVER AND OVER AND OVER! He was so warn out but loved it.

we decorated the 4wheeler and rode it in the parade

Beth came to spend the night one night.

4th of July outfits plus blankie!

One afternoon we drove to Birmingham to see Ashley. We just hung out and took the kids to McDonalds. Isn't she a cute little momma to be?

Sydney was asked to "model" for a catolog for Britches and Bows. She did great is was just REALLY hot and was posing in winter clothes. You can go to to see more pictures.

We had the privelage of having Evan spend the night. She is the sweetest and easiest baby!

Took the kids bowling for their first time and they loved it.
check out the socks!

more summer fun to come!