Monday, March 07, 2011

short update

I am sure I have absolutely no readers anymore since I am such a slacker! But if only for myself I will post a short update.

Sydney is doing great in school and is in the middle of her busy time at dance. Her competitions and recitals are coming up. For competition her dances are ABJ Speedway where she is a race car and Magic in Me where she is a magician. She also started taking a tumbling class.

John Evan started taking karate in December and is loving it. He tested for his yellow belt and did a great job. It has been really good for him. He is a star student. He will start playing tee ball in a coupl of weeks.

We are adding baby #3 to our perfect family. The baby is due on August 21st. I have been SO sick with this pregnancy. I was not sick at all with the other two. I am now 16 weeks and feeling a little better but not where I would like to be! Sydney and John Evan are SO excited and can't wait! I will post more about that soon.

I am still running but keeping it between 5-6 miles per run and still teaching spin twice a week. Chris is working a TON of hours and he turns 34 tomorrow.
More to come.....