Wednesday, October 14, 2009

kids, 5K, football

Getting ready for Halloween!
Eloise's birthday party...the queen came

Yvette (and her sweet sister), Noel, and I ran The Capstone 5K two weekends ago. It was a lot of fun! Yvette placed in her age group and was so excited! Noel did great on her first 5K. It was perfect weather and a lot of fun. My time was 31:14. The four or us started out together and it was a lot of fun to run with them. Afterwards, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast at IHOP.

Sydney Kate and John Evan's cousin, Emma at her Hello Kitty birthday party. It was really cute. Her momma had all kinds of cute crafts and games!

Kim T. gave me this awesome awning for my playroom.
and this cute little "store"
Maybe one day the playroom will get decorated!

Silly girl dressing up!

Chris and I were able to go to a football game! YAY! It was so fun and we had great seats! Thanks Amy!

hanging out at the quad

I am a little obsessed with Sydney Kate's clothes. We have been in school for about 9 weeks and she has not worn the same outfit twice....isn't that ridiculous? I LOVE dressing her!

John Evan LOVES his toys! I am amazed at how much he actually plays with them. Right now he is in love with "lego space mans", "engine turtles", "figurines", "mans", and Chris's fishing lures. He is so cute! He would hang out at home all day and just play if his momma didn't drag him all around town! He also likes to lay around with blankie and chocolate milk and watch sponge bob or phineas and pherb.
I love my kids!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

my beautiful kids

My friend, Robin, gave me some outside hand-me down toys for the kids. How cute are they in these skates?

Sydney Kate's room is finally purple! She has been asking to have her room painted since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago. It is finally done! I did most of it by myself and I am so proud!

John Evan helping me paint.

Birthday party at neighbor's house....this is actually their older sister Laura/. Katelyn and Kendall turned 4.
Sydney Kate helping me paint.

birthday party at Bobby Miller Center pool for a little boy, Landon, in Sydney Kate's class.

birthday boy is second from the left

playing on the slip-n-slide