Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quick trip to Huntsville

Susan and I took a quick trip to Huntsville last week to visit Madison and Kim. We took Sydney and her baby Annie. Chris and Cory took off to keep the rest of the kids. Aren't our husbands great? We had a great time! The girls made cupcakes and had a great time playing. We just visited and went to dinner at Outback.

Sydney and Madison decorating Valentine's Day cupcakes.
Future Chef Sydney
The girls
Isn't Kim precious? We are patiently waiting for the arrival of Jack! I honestly don't think that I have ever seen a belly point straight out like that! So cute!

We had so much fun visiting the Messervey's and we miss them terribly!


This is the funniest story....
I was babysitting Sydney's little friend, Anna, last week. Daddy came by for a minute and when he left, Anna said "Ewww-that was creepy!" I said "What was creepy?" She said, "That man!" I said "That is Sydney's Pappy!" I laughed BIG! Kids are so funny!

So, what do you think? Was it the hat or the facial hair? I think he is a precious Pappy!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My little nursey baby is now a Sunbeam! I can't believe it. Her first Sunday was a couple of weeks ago and she did so good. We talked about it a lot and she had me tell her over and over again on the way to church what they would be doing. Chris walked her down to primary and he said she just walked up and sat down in a little chair. Chris walked to the back of the room and she turned around and waved. He said it was a lot harder for him! She talked about it all day and even taught "primary" to John Evan. We are so proud of her!

Can Hudson Spend the night?

Sydney asks me all the time "Can Hudson spend the night?" So, last Sunday I finally said "yes". They had so much fun together and were so cute! We made brownies after John Evan went to bed. Hudson was so sweet to Sydney by helping her do things like turning on lights and washing hands! He will make a great big brother one day!

It did not take long at all to mess up Sydney's room. How can you play in all that mess?
Brushing teeth after bath time.
They both went to sleep pretty quick. Actually, I think Hudson was asleep before we finished the prayer. But, ofcourse they both ended up in the bed with me.
The only bad part... now everytime Sydney goes somewhere she wants to spend the night or if she has a friend over she wants them to spend the night with her! Hopefully this is just a stage because she gets pretty upset about it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did. Unfortunately, people always make the comment that they are glad it is over. Well, I'm not. As I take a break from taking down decorations, I can't help but feel sad. I love Christmas and only wish we could be in the spirit all year long!
I had a lot more pictures to post, but for some reason things stopped working. So, here is a start.
We went to momma and daddy's Christmas Eve. Daddy read the story of Jesus' birth and we played Dirty Santa and ate, ate, ate.

Valoree with John Evan and Hudson
Cute Christmas hat
Gran Gran and Pappy with their 6 grandchildren

(Sydney had an accident right after we arrived, so she had to put on some of Hudson's pj's.)
John Evan playing the piano.

Christmas night we went to Chris' Grandmother Sprayberry's.
Cousins: Jackson, Selma Brooke, Sydney, Emma, and John Evan

Christmas morning. Sydney was so excited! She was still half asleep when she was looking at all her goodies.
John Evan was still asleep when Sydney got up. So, when he finally woke Sydney showed him how all his toys worked.
Sydney with her princess "hair and makeup" set.

I'll post more pictures when I can get the blog to work!

Happy New Year!