Monday, December 24, 2007

I love Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas!
We have been really busy, so here are some updates on what we have been doing!
John Evan absolutely loves the tree. We spend lots and lots of time infront of it pointing out the different ornaments. His favorite are the fish "fishshsh" and the snowman "uhman"

We bought a beautiful 9ft prelit tree and it is gorgous. This picture does not do it justice. Sydney and I had the best time decorating. I love reminising as I unpack the ornaments.
Tammy and I took the kids to see Santa and ride the train. I could not get a good shot. I was so proud of John Evan for hopping right on and riding without me. Luke was crying the whole time. It was so funny cause he would cry harder everytime he came back around to his momma.
Anna and Sydney at the mall.
We went to a friend's house to decorate cookies, eat, and have a present swap. The girls had a blast. I could not get them all to take a picture. I think there were 10 total. John Evan was the only boy!
Sydney had her gymnastics Christmas recital. The kids just do little dances with scarves, candy canes, and jingle bells to Christmas music. It is really cute. Thanks to Valoree, Richard, Chandler, Hudson, Daddy, Heather, Chad, and Rick for coming to watch Sydney.

Chris bought Sydney a rose and some candy. Afterwards, Daddy, Heather, Chandler, and Hudson came over and we ate pizza and watched Ernest Saves Christmas. That is my Daddy's favorite movie and he laughs big everytime!

We had some kids from the neighborhood come over to decorate Christmas cookies. John Evan slept through the whole thing.
The little boy is Drew (sydney's boyfriend)
Sydney's cookies
I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

We went to see Santa at the mall. Sydney ran right up to him and started talking to him. I was so proud! John Evan was a different story! Needless to say there will be no pictures of him! The mall got a new Santa and he is not near as creepy!

The kids writing a letter to Santa.
Being sweet
Daddy is proud that Sydney likes his duck decoys!
You can't really tell, but John Evan's hair is starting to grow and it has a tiny bit of curl to it! So cute. No Richard-this is not a mini mullett!

Two Saturday's ago we ran in the Jingle Bell Run in Birmingham. It was so much fun! This was by far the biggest race I have been to. There were several hundred runners. We all had jingle bells attached to our shoes so the bells rang as we ran. Thank goodness I had my music playing cause that would have really gotten on my nerves! This was the first race I have done without Chris and Chad and I missed them being there! My time was 31:43. Again, I was proud that I was able to run the whole time! Meghan and JesseAnn did the race too! Thanks Ashley for signing us up and thanks Karrie for keeping the kids.

All the grandkids had a blast playing in the leaves at Momma's.
Drew, Shelby, and Sydney making leaf angels.
Happy 5th birthday Hudson! We love you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Remember this?

This picture is from November 2006.

Apparently John Evan likes sleeping with his head covered!

November 2007
Notice the green blanket? He loves this thing! He hasn't gotten to the point where he has to take it out of the house, but he has to have it for bed time! He gets so excited when he sees it. My sweet sweet baby!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Barnyard

There is this really neat new "petting zoo" that opened up in Tuscaloosa/Northport. We went to a birthday party there one Saturday and then the following Monday with MOMS Club. The kids loved it!
Sydney riding the pony.
Anna on the pony
Luke's turn
Here's a little joke for you....
Why did the pony go to the doctor?
Cause he was a little horse! HAHA!

I think the pigs were Sydney's favorite
Mary Claire is the birthday girl in the pink and brown. Check out that cake!
Sydney was a little scared when it came to feeding the animals. She got trampled on by the goats and was not a happy camper!

John Evan was in love with the baby ducks. If he only knew that his daddy's passion is duck hunting!

Everybody oughta check out the Barnyard! There is an inflatable play thing, a pond where you can fish and take a boat ride, all kinds of animals and more!

Road Trip

Me and Jill E. decided to take a road trip to Huntsville to see the Messervy's. We had a great time and all the kids were so good! Kim checked Madison out of school early so her and Sydney could play. Ofcourse, Kim had crafts for them to do...made us lunch.... made us pumpkin bread....made us pumpkin fudge....and had a clean house! Wow-what a super mom!
At one point we actually had all the babies asleep all at the same time! John Evan was in the crib, Jack was in Kim's closet, and Addy was on the floor in Kim's room!
Craft time.....Sydney and Madison really miss eachother!

Jill and her sweet little baby!
All the babies playing

Baby #3 on the way in February!

Thanks Kim for having us and thanks Jill for taking the trip with us! I had a blast!


Sydney had parent's day at ballet a couple weeks ago. Parents, family, and friends got to go and watch in on one of her classes to see what they have been learning this year. It is really cute! Well, Sydney decided to be a complete HAM that day! She was acting silly and even pulled down her tu-tu! I guess she was showing out for everybody! Thanks so much for Janet (chris's step-mom) and Valoree for coming to see her!

Just look at this silly girl!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Dream

Last night Sydney and I were laying in her bed. We always talk and tell stories and snuggle right before bed time. This is what she said to me......
"Hey mommy, last night I had a dream. I dreamed that Heavenly Father and Gordon B Hinkley saw eachother in heaven. They were friends and they hugged eachother."
I could NOT believe it. How precious! I had no idea what to say! What a wonderful child and a wonderful dream!

A little background....
Gordon B. Hinkley is the living prophet of our church. He is an inspired man called to speak for the Lord, just as other prophets did in the scriptures. He is the only person on the earth who receives revelation to guide the entire church.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nemo on Ice

Nemo on Ice was a blast! All the colorful fish were just beautiful! The girls had a blast! This is the 3rd year we have all gotten to go together. Beth and I bought the girls a matching outfit to wear! They were adorable!

Kate, Sydney, and Emma

Me with the girls
Beth with the girls
Emma wearing the Nemo hat
Kate posing in the hat
I'm sure Beth appreciates me not posting the picture of her in the hat!

Chris's mom, Sandra, went with us too! Can't wait till next year!