Monday, March 30, 2009

I am so far behind!

My soon to be neice, Jordan, spent the night with us a couple of Friday's ago. She had never been to an Alabama gym meet so we wanted to take her along. She had so much fun. She is a really sweet girl and the kids love her.

Sydney fell in love with this dress from TJ Maxx and had to have it. It came with a matching baby doll dress!

Chris's birthday was March 8th. The kids and I decorated with streamers and balloons. We also made him a scavenger hunt for him to find his presents. We ate at him mom's one afternoon and then at a mexican restaurant with his dad one night.
This is the only picture I got of his whole b'day celebration.
Happy Birthday! We love you!

Recital time is coming up for Sydney Kate. We had picture day a couple of weeks ago. Here is Sydney in her tap outfit with Emma and Audrey Ragan.

her class

The kids love playing in their bathing suits and using my bed as their swimming pool. I love this pictire of my little lobster.
Did I mention Sydney Kate is playing t-ball? I Can't remember. Well, she loves it so far. These two pictures are from her first practice. She had her first game last Saturday.

I watched Jackson the other day and they both had on their Lightning McQueen boots. so cute!

24 days until my race! Karrie and I ran 10 miles last weekend. I am so ready for it to get here!

Friday, March 27, 2009

painfully shy

I used to be painfully shy when I was younger. Especially around adults. I remember when I was in 7th grade I was a counsel's assistant for an elective. This consisted of mostly sitting around and "running" errands for the counselor if she needed anything. Everyday while I was sitting there some man (I have no clue who he was) would walk in and say "hello, how are you?" My response was alwasy "fine". I wanted so badly to get up the nerve to say "Fine, how are you?" But I never could. I would sit there are pump myself up for it and say today is going to be the day and then as soon as he walked in I would shy up and say "fine".
I don't know why I had a flashback about that. I just think it is really funny because now I could talk to ANYBODY!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

John Evan is so funny!

John Evan has this set of race cars that he really likes. There are 4 in the set and he carries them around a lot. Just ask Tammy-he is always hoarding his toys! Well, tonight at the gym he only had two of them with him. So, Miss Nikki asks, "John Evan-where are your other two cars?" He matter-of-factly answers "Oh, they are at the gas station." What a funny little man he is!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Snow and birthday party

I love this picture of Sydney. Her red sweater is so cute. Valoree bought it for her last year and it looks so cute on her!

A couple of weeks ago it snowed on a Sunday morning. I really didn't think it would and was not really prepared for it. So, when I woke up to get in the shower I asked Chris if it snowed last night and he didn't know. So, I looked out the window and IT WAS SNOWING! I ran and woke up both the kids cause last year when it snowed it literally only lasted like 30 minutes and by the time we got the kids all bundled up it was pretty much over. So, I threw coats and stuff on over their pajamas and we went out to play. It was beautiful. John Evan only lasted about 15 minutes at a time. He kept getting cold. So we were in and out a lot and went through a few changes of clothes. I don't think I would like to live where it snowed all the time-it wore me out!
John Evan helped out neighbor, Cameron, make a snow man.

Sydney going down the slide.

Towards the end John Evan got tired of bundling up. He didn't even want a coat on.

Swinging in the snow.

The boat was covered in snow. That's where we made all our big snow balls!
I LOVE this picture of the kids peaking out the door!

Not sure what this face is!

Chris had time to make one snowball. He had to be at church early. The kids and I ended up playing hookie. We missed Daddy!

Sweet baby!

For about a week John Evan asked me "Did it snow last night?"

We wenr to Olivia Caroline's birthday party. It was a High School Musical pep-rally.
Sydney with the chearleaders.

Birthday girl
Some of the crew. Ofcourse John Evan didn't want to get in the picture.

Birthday cake

face painting

Friday, March 13, 2009

temple, gymnastics, playing

My church primary (sunday school for ages 3-12) with their families took a trip to the temple in Birmingham. It was a really neat and fun activity. We met at the church building right next door where we did a craft and colored and played bingo. They we were able to walk over to the temple and go into the waiting room and let the children walk around the grounds outside. It was kind of a yucky day so my pictures are cloudy. Before the activity started the children sang "I love to see the temple". That is one of my favorite primary songs and I felt the spirit so strongly as they sang. Another sweet moment was when watching John Evan cross through the parking lot with his little arms folded being reverant.
Valoree and Evan on the front entrance of the temple

Sydney, Hudson, and John Evan on the beautiful grounds

Sydney and I by the front entrance

The kids playing bingo. John Evan ate a ton of Skittles!

Chris was not able to go because he was with the young men at another activity. Thanks to Mary and Jeni and everybody for their work on the great activity.
decorating their picture mat

The weather has been off and on warmer. So, one day I snapped some pictures while playing outside.

A couple of weeks ago we had a playdate. They love to dress up!

We ran into Katrin at the gymnastics meet.

Sydney posing in her cute outfit! Tammy says she looks like she is going clubbin'

John Evan loves to help me unload the dishwasher.

One weekend they had princess and pirate night at the gym meet. Apparently, the word didn't get out very well because there were only a handful of people dressed up. Oh well!

Ashley finally blogged about it so I can now say how excited I am that she is having a baby! She is due in September. Congratulations to Collin and Ashley. Daddy is doing well in Germany. He has had a lot of friends to hang out with and has done a lot of sight seeing. I really miss him!
Sydney is enjoying t-ball practice. They have a practice game on Monday. She loves her pink helmet and bat bag with her name on them. Thanks Richard!
We registered her for school on Thursday. That will be a post for itself! Let's just say I teared up as soon as I walked in the door.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Valentine's Day

I went and helped Sydney's class with their Valentine party. They just ate lunch and handed out Valentine's and decorated cupcakes and cookies.
The teachers say that all the boys like Sydney. Look at her teasing them! Chris and I are in big trouble!

Sydney and her boyfriend Luke and Ashlin. Luke and Ashlin are cousins and I actually grew up in the same neighborhood with Luke and Ashlin's dad's and went to highschool with Luke's mom.

John Evan was so excited to be there too!

Sydney and Beth
Beth is a really sweet girl! We have had a couple of playdates with her and her mom. I have really enjoyed hanging out with Robyn.
I love this picture!

Sydney handing out her Valentine's

I love Sydney's Valentine dress!
I made heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for her class.

I was so excited about Sydney's Valentines. They were little things of bubbles and they said "To:My Friend- You blow me away! Love:Sydney"

I hosted my church playgroup that week and we decorated cupcakes and colored pictures for Valentine's day.

One day Beth came over and we cut out jello shapes.

Chris gave Sydney and I beautiful roses and really sweet cards. Mine were red and Sydney's were yellow. John Evan got some Sponge Bob magnets. Thank you Chris for making our day special!
Chris's dad and step-mom came and watched the kids for us to eat at Olive Garden. This was their first time to keep them and they did really good! It was nice to have an alone dinner!
Sydney will be playing t-ball for Taylorville this year. She had her first practice this morning. She is #10 and they are purple and black Bats. She is so excited! She also had recital pictures today-so it has been a busy one! We are now headed to eat with Chris's dad's family for Chris's birthday! Happy #32 Chris! I love you!