Sunday, June 29, 2008

Part 5

Gran Gran holding John Evan
He asked about them for a couple of days after we got home. He got really used to seeing them everyday for a full week! By coincidence, Kim and Chris Messervy were in Destin the same week. We found out they were less than 30 miles away. So, Friday night which also happened to be Kim's birthday, they drove to our house and we went out to eat. Mom and Dad were nice enough to watch the kids. Ashley and Collin went too. We had a WONDERFUL dinner. Ashley and I picked out Kim a really cute cake from Winn Dixie so we went back to the house for cake and icecream. It was SO good to beable to hang out with them.
Doesn't she look amazing? She deserved her days off with no kids!
Ashley, Kim, and me
sitting on the back of the toilet brushing teeth hanging on to trusty ole "mea".
What a funny little man!

Love this picture!
The group of crazy parasaliers!
I am not a good story teller so I will not even attempt to tell the story of this. But, it was crazy and fun! We rode on a bananna boat to get to the real boat which was SO fun! Collin and Ashley went up first. The ocean was SO rough that you had to hold on with both hands to not get flung off the boat. Chandler, Daddy, and I went up next. It was amazing! It was so quiet and peaceful. The water looked beautiful (no I didn't see any sharks) . It just felt like the world just stopped and we were the only people still moving and we were watching from afar. Weird but neat. The driver dipped our feet twice and we were up between 10-13 minutes. I got a little sick towards the end but not too bad. Just felt gross the rest of the day! I HIGHLY recommend parasailing to everyone! Well worth the $60.00!
Pappy, Gran Gran, Sydney and me
beautiful cousins

waiting in line to ride go-carts
As you all know, John Evan is obsessed with race cars. He was actually too short to be a passenger but they ended up letting us take him. He was VERY upset when he thought he was not going to get to go. Chris said he rode silently the whole time with a BIG OLE grin on his face!

The three stooges!

Chillin with sunglasses
Isn't Chandler handsome? He could be on a Dr. Pepper commercial
riding the train
riding the swings

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Part 4

We ate at Sharky's one night. It was great because they had a playground out on the sand. So the 45 minute wait didn't seem so bad. I had chicken quesadillas and they were fantastic. All the kids did really good!

Chris waiting to be seated

John Evan loves to follow the girls around and tries to do everything they do!
Aggh the shark!
okay-so I found a picture of Hudson at the pool. He loved Collin's giant water gun.

Sydney at the playground

Drew and JE swinging
It was neat to have the kids on the playground with the ocean right in the back ground!
Heather, Mary, Drew, Shelby, and Pappy
I guess red was the color to wear that night.
Ashley and Collin

Here are some pictures of the kids playing at the ocean.

Burying Hudson
Hudson cracked me up! He did not care for the ocean AT ALL!

I LOVE this picture!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Part 3-Pool fun

One bad thing about our beach house was that it was not right on the beach (it was right across the street). I am just used to sitting on the balcony and watching the waves. The big PLUS was that it had it's own pool. It was really nice to not have to share the pool with a bunch of strangers and even nicer to walk right out the door and be at the pool instead of having to lug all your pool gear down elevators, etc. Anyway, we had a great time hanging out in the pool which is where we spent a lot of time!
Sydney chilling on the float
The front of the beach house
the other front and pool
Chandler in the pool

John Evan looking cool in his shades
Pappy made the kids a "princess" tent where they ate some yummy oreos!

Pappy and Shelby
John Evan loves the pool. So, what is the problem you ask? He refuses to wear and kind of flotation device. So, it makes me very nervous! One time he jumped in from the side thinking Chris was going to catch him and another time fell in while playing with cars on the side. There is nothing like a mouth full of water! I think the favorite thing for Sydney, Shelby, and JE was to jump off the side and have Chris catch them. They did it OVER and OVER again!
Colt hanging out!
Katelyn splashing around
Drew loved the water too!
How did I not get a picture of Hudson in the pool?
Several times throughout the week Valoree or Ashley would say, "Don't put that picture on your blog!!!!!" So, I am trying to not include any bathing suit pictures of female adults. Your welcome!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Part 2- Gulf World

Monday we went to Gulf World. It had different animals and animal shows. My favorite was probably the dolphin show. It amazes me that they can train those animals like that!
Sydney and John Evan at the turtles.
Sydney and Shelby at the birds
They also had a dive show.
The mermaid was part of the show. She was from South Carolina so Sydney thought she knew her.
The divers were cracking me up in their speedos!
The seal gave one of the workers a big kiss on the cheek!
John Evan trying to touch the sting rays.
One of the bird's was named Sydney.
Checking out the talking bird.
I love turtles. They are just SO cute!