Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sydney's 6th birthday party

Sydney had her 6th birthday party at Tuscaloosa Tumbling Tides. This is where she takes gymnastics and it is a really cute place to have a party. We ran out of time at the party so we opened gifts at home.
YaYa showing her some earrings that she bought her for one day in the future! Ashley and Collin and Bri came to the house too.
opening presents.....

love this picture!

She absolutely loves these sunglasses from Valoree.

in the partyroom having cake and icecream

taking a second to pose with mommy

posing on the beam
I had a friend applique her leotard and it turned out so cute!

Evan had just started walking!

look at all those kids! Sydney is well loved!

the cake

I was SO SO excited about the cake. I had it all figured out where it was going to match her leotard and the invitation. I also payed a lot of money for it. Well, Chris picked it up and someone pulled out in front of him and he had to slam on his brakes. So, needless to say the cake took a fall! I was SO upset!!!!! I cried like a little baby. The funny part is that Sydney didn't even notice. Sorry Chris I got so upset! I know it was not your fault...and I'm glad you were okay!
I can't believe Sydney is 6 years old. She is such a special daughter. She is doing great in school! She is a little social butterfly and loves to dance and do gymnastics. She is such a little momma to John Evan. I am blessed to be her momma!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

6th birthday and dance

My baby girl turned 6! Georgia's birthday party was the night of Sydney's birthday.

John Evan and I took cupcakes and taco casa for lunch at school. Then I checked her out and we went to the library for her to get her very own library card!

Parent visitation at dance for ballet and jazz.

pictures from my phone

I love having a camera on my phone. The only bad part is actually downloading them and posting them! So, here are some old pictures that I wanted to post about.
The kids with their best friends Anna and Luke
one week the kids learned about community helpers at school

Sydney wanted to eat Mexican for her 6th birthday. Notice the cool whip in her nose!

A couple people from the McWayne Center were set up at Mercedes so we went to see the snake and eat lunch with Chris.

Sydney and her big sister , Rebekah, at dance

Luke, John Evan, and Jackson at the park

John Evan is VERY picky about what he wears. He will not wear a shirt with buttons or a collar. He calls them gross shirts. So, I knew Halloween was going to be a struggle. I let him pick out his costume thinking that might help. He was so excited about it and told everybody about it. Well, this is what happend when I put it on him to go to the trunk-or-treat.........

and no he was not pretending to be a turtle...he was pitching a fit! Needless to say he didn't wear a coustume.

Rhiannon's birthday party at the park

Kim T. hosted a pumpkin carving party for friends.

Collin and Ashley had their beautiful baby, Bri, on September 28th. She weighed 7lb 2oz. Check out Ashley's blog for more pictures! BTW...that is not my blanket in the background! My sister, Elizabeth, is an Auburn fan.

I love this picture of John Evan on his tricycle carried the animals!

trying on costume in dressing room

We recently went to two parties at the skating rink. It is really stressful trying to help two kids to skate. They still had fun!
Sydney's dance competition team recorded a video and took team pictures downtown and by the river.

Took the kids to Build-A-Bear workshop

Je holding Bri the day after she was born.