Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quick visit from the Simpson's

One of my best friend's, Heidi, moved to Montgomery last summer. I have missed her terribly! Her family came in town on Saturday. I had a basketball tournament to help with for the youth. So, we only had about an hour together, but it was a good visit! WE LOVE Y'ALL!

Reagan was so tired. He just layed on the bed surrounded by toys.
So, can you guess which one of us is pregnant? Well, it is definately not me. Heidi says she has decided that she is not a "big" pregnant person. Well, isn't that special? We can't wait to meet Scarlett Grace!

Chris snapped a lovely picture of us trying to get Heidi's earring out of my hair!

Loving this weather

We are loving this warm weather! Sydney wants to be outside ALL the time. Just wanted to share a couple of cute pictures.

John Evan's first wagon ride
Sydney helping Daddy paint
Stephanie, Sydney, Hudson, Chris, and John Evan on the 4-wheeler. Yes, we are rednecks-we ride it around the neighborhood
Sydney swinging at Grandma's in SC

9 month check up

John Evan had his 9 month check up on Monday. Just incase you are keeping up he is actually 10 months old. Anyway, he did really good. He had his toe pricked and didn't even cry. The shot was a different story, but he was over it pretty fast. He weighed in @ 23lbs 8oz (90th %) abd 28 1/2 in. (50th%). He is such a sweet cuddly baby! The other night I had the kids in the bath tub and apparently John Evan was taking up too much room because Sydney said "Move over you big giant baby!" It was hillarious!

John Evan loves Meg!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Goodbye 20's

Chris turned the big 3-0 on March 8th. On his actual birthday Sydney and I made him a cake and gave him a mosaic art picture I had made for him. That weekend I surprised him by taking him to Wings where he had family and friends waiting. He had no idea until he started recognizing cars in the parking lot. Chandler, Richard, Valoree, and Hudson
Paul, Chris, and Christina
Amy, Eric, Ben, and Chad
Sydney, John Evan, and me
We decided to use tool candles as a joke. Chris has been working really hard to get this house he is kinda sick of tools!

Chris and I started dating when he was 19, so it is so hard to believe that he is 30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!


Wow! Our house sold after being on the market for 3 days. We showed it Wed., Thurs., and Fri. and we new by Friday night that we had an offer and by Saturday that they accepted our counter offer. It all happened so fast. The good news is I didn't have to keep the house perfectly clean too long! Cause you all know me I don't like to make my bed!
That same weekend we put an offer on a house that we had been looking a. I wasn't 100% crazy about it, but it had everything we were looking for-just some cosmetic issues. Like TERRIBLE kitchen countertops and an ugly grapes border and a BRIGHT yellow living room. So, they counter offered and we just kinda decided to wait and make sure it was the one. To make a long story short....our realator was taking Chris and I to see a couple of houses that I had already seen to let Chris see them. While we were out she said, so y'all want to stop by this house over here. It just got put on the market today and I think you might like it. So, we did and it is PERFECT! We knew right away. It is by far the most beautiful house we have seen. So, we out an offer on it right away and we will be closing on both houses on April 10th! YEAH! We are so excited!

Friday, March 09, 2007

House For Sale

So, as some of y'all know...we put our house on the market Tuesday. We have had several people look at it already, so wish us luck! It has been a lot of work to get it all cleaned up and even more work to keep it that way with 2 small children! I hope it all pays off! If you want to see my clean house (because you will never see it this clean again) you can go to and go to agent Tricia Schmandt Gray and my house is on Linda Drive. I'll keep yu updated!
John Evan started pulling up about two weeks ago and that is all he wants to do! Especially in the bathtub which makes me SO nervous! He is also letting go and standing on his own a little.
The other day he was taking a nap. He had been asleep for a while so I went to check on him and found him in this position. He must have sat up and plopped back down like this. Too cute!
Look at my little man in his button down shirt!

Okay-I just had to share this picture of the huge legs! Are they not precious?

The little Mermaid

We(me, Sydney, YaYa, Beth, Katie, Kate, and Emma) went to see The Little Mermaid ballet at the Bama Theatre last weekend. It was so cute and the girls really enjoyed it. They had a "party" before the ballet started where they got to meet the characters.

The girls with Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian
Kate, Emma, and Sydney were so excited before we went in!
Sydney and Ariel
Sydney fishing
These little star fish were so cute on stage!
Sydney learning ballet steps.