Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring-this is what we have been up to

Thursday before Easter my friend, Kim, and I took our kids to get their picture made with a live bunny. I will share the pictures as soon as I get them. We went to the photographer's house. He lives out near Akron and has a BEAUTIFUL property. The kids loved playing with the horse.

This was hillarious cause the photographer offered John Evan a sucker for doing a good job and he grabbed a whole handful. I think he deserved it for sitting beside a live bunny and not fussing about it!

One night for family home evening we made Easter cookies and colored Easter eggs. We got tired of rolling out and cutting the cookies so we used the rest and made one huge egg. It was so yummy!

The weekend before Easter we went to Chris's dad's house for dinner and a egg hunt.

soon to be cousins

There was an air show in Northport. We rode out there Friday to see if we could catch a peak during practice. We were able to see a little bit but the kids got pretty ancy waiting! There was a real nice guy that let the kids hang out in the back of his truck.

Tammy, Anna, Sandra (my mother-in-law), Sydney, and I went to see Annie, jr. at the Bama Theatre. It was a really good show!


Sydney Kate is playing t-ball at Taylorville. The team is the Bats. She is so cute playing and she seems to really enjoy it so far. There are 4 other girls on her team. She has been hitting pretty well and has been playing outfield. I think she gets pretty bored cause there is not a lot of action going on. But, at the last game she was able to stop a ball. She like to blow kisses and wave at her momma! I am so proud of her for being well rounded!
Thanks to everyone that has come to watch her play so far!
Valoree and Evan

Colt, Drew, and Mary
Colt is walking and looks like such a big boy now!

Gran Gran

Sydney Kate in her uniform

One of her favorite parts is when they say a prayer at the beginning of each game.

Huddling at the end of the game

getting ready to bat

my cute ball player!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


John Evan and his little friend, Clayton. They play together at the gym and he is just a doll!

A couple of weeks ago, Chris took us fishing. This is the first time I have ever fished with live minnows(we usually fish with crickets). John Evan LOVED them and could not keep his hands off of them. He would get one out of the bucket and play with it and then put it back. Over and over! I am surprised they survived.

Sydney Kate even poses when she has her life jacket on.

showing off the minnows
It took Sydney Kate a while to get up the nerve to pick one up-but eventually she loved them too!

Oh wait! I just remembered-this was a pretty terrible fishing trip. Chris and I realized that our kids don't listen to us very well! Kinda depressing!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kindergarten Registration

On March 12th I registered Sydney Kate for kindergarten at Taylorville Primary School (TPS). I have been so nervous about it and teared up as soon as we walked in the door. The school just looked so big and I can't believe Sydney Kate is old enough to start!
Noel and Sara Beth met us there. So did Kim and Sara Madalyn. Kim's daughter, Audrey Ragan, is in K this year so she came for moral support. We registered the girls and then walked down to Audrey Ragan's room and were able to eat lunch with their class. It was great for Sydney to see a classroom and the lunchroom.
Sydney and Sara Beth eating lunch.

Sara Madalyn and Sydney Kate sitting on the bench outside.
I can't believe they have to fix their own trays. The trays look huge! I only have a couple of months left with my baby girl! Boo Hoo !