Saturday, April 26, 2008

March for Babies

The kids and I did the March of Dimes March for Babies walk on Saturday. We participated with MOMS Club. I was able to raise $210.00. Thank you so much to those that donated!
aunt Julie
Especially thank you to Richard. He printed our cute t-shirts and a HUGE discount so we were able to sale them to make a profit! What a great cause this all went for!
Here are some cute shots from the day.

lots of things!

Sydney and John Evan have been taking swim lessons over the past month. They are doing really great. Sydney is still too scared to go under water, but she is learning a lot. She loves doing the dolphin kick. She really likes her teacher, Chris, and her classmate, Titas. John Evan does pretty good. On Monday's he is the only student and on Wednesday's there are two other little boys and their mommies, Jack and Sammy. He does pretty good but really likes to kinda do his own thing. He will sometimes go to the instructor, Shelly, but pretty much sticks to his mommy. He is so cute when he goes under water. He loves to blow bubbles and play with the rings.

We went to Alabama vs Auburn baseball game Friday night. Thanks Amy for the tickets ! We ended up sitting right behind Jeni Ennis and her family. It was so good to sit and chat with Jeni!

My friend Annie's daughter, Ashely, got married last weekend. Here is a shot of the happy couple. Since we were in Birmingham we went to eat at PF Changs. I have heard great things about this restaurant and always wanted to eat there! Well, it was WELL worth the wait! The food was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Katelyn for babysitting!
Mary's baby, Colt, was blessed last Sunday. It was so good to attend church in Tuscaloosa! The whole family came over after church for lunch. It was a wonderful and beautiful day! Thanks Mary for sharing your special day with us!
Mary and Colt
Hudson and Sydney at church
The whole Fam Damily (minus Chris, Richard, Collin, Ashley, and Heather) Chris had to leave early to go to Greensboro and Ashley and Collin left after the blessing cause she was sick!
Kim and I did a little art project while she was here. It is hard to see all the designs but it turned out super cute! We hung it above Sydney's window in her room.

Nicole's visit

I was SO SO SO excited when I got an e-mail from Nicole that she was going to be in town. Nicole is a very good friend of mine from Germany that I met a couple of years ago through MOMS Club. Her and her family lived in Tuscaloosa while her husband worked at Mercedes. They currently live in Florida and live a "vacation" type life there complete with palm trees! Anyway, we were able to spend some time together at the park while they were in town. Nicole is one of my favorite people! She is very friendly, sweet, caring, a great mother, and most of all talented! The girl can do just about anything! She is the German Martha Stewart. She is awesome at scrapbooking-very creative-she made me a really beautiful little memory book for me to put pictures of Grandmother Ruby in and it was my favorite color -purple.
Another MOMS Club friend, Brandy, met us there too. Brandy is the mother of two with #3 on the way. She is a sweetheart too!

The kids under the sand table.....

Katie and John Evan

Nicole, me, and Brandy
Nicole and her daughters
Jenny and Fabienne

Brandy and her son Colby
Brandy's daughter Katie
look at that beautiful hair!

Thank y'all for a great day! Nicole-I hope to see you again before y'all move back to Germany. We missed you Tammy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jenny and Richard

My very good friend, Jenny, got married on March 1st. I have known Jenny since the 4th grade. We went to school together and grew up in the same neighborhood. This wedding was by far the most interesting wedding I have ever been to. Jenny and Richard have been dating FOREVER! Well, the wedding began and the bridesmaids and groomsmen took turns sharing quotes or poems of some sort. Then Richard and Jenny came down to the front and Richard starts saying how they have been together for so long and all their friends say they act like they are all ready married and all this stuff and then all the sudden he announces that they had already gotten married for "practical" reasons. He says they just wanted to beable to do it in front of their families and friends. Okay, I am not telling this story well at all, but it was really neat! It turns out that they were married at the court house last fall and did it mainly for insurance purposes for Jenny. Then they shared their personally written vows. It was so sweet!
Everyone started clapping and laughing. It was the neatest thing!
Jenny was a beautiful bride and the wedding was very pretty and the food was great! Congratulations Jenny and Richard! Thank you for sharing your special day with us!
Sydney and I at the wedding.....
Jenny and Richard
bride's family
her momma and daddy, sister Emily and brother David

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!

Jenny has an amazing family and I feel like they are my own!

Love you guys!

Friday, April 18, 2008

fun weekend

Last weekend the Messervy's came into town. Chris M. had some kind of conference on Friday so they came and spent the night. I have been trying to get to Huntsville since little baby Kate was born in February and I just couldn't get things worked out. Ofcourse my sweet loving husband would not let me drive myself! Ha-do you blame him?
Anyway, we had a great time! We had a house full of kids but they were all really good! Both Friday and Saturday we managed to get Kate, Jack, and John Evan down for naps at the same time and they slept for like 2 1/2 hours. Sydney and Madison played really well together and Kim and I had some time to talk and catch up! Chris and Chris played golf Saturday morning and then went to the A-Day game. Kim made an amazing lunch for me and then even made enchiladas for us to cook later and they were amazing too! She spoils me big time! Thanks for coming guys! We can't wait till the next visit!

Madison and Sydney

Kim and Caroline
(Heidi-I used your arm trick)

John Evan LOVED Kate!

Baby Kate at 2 months

taking turns holding the baby

all the kids playing outside
Jack 14 months
Madison 6

Sunday, April 13, 2008

GVI Spring Fling and BBQ Thing!

I ran my first 5k of the season last Friday. I did pretty good for me with my time being 29:34. My best time ever was 29:30. I did this race last year and my time was 33:44. So, I have definately improved! Karrie and I ran together the whole race. The bad part was that it was kinda drizzling and then as soon as the race started it started raining harder. Running in the rain is not easy! Anyway, we had fun!
Karrie and I before the race. I look HUGE-a small part of that might be cause Karrie it SO tiny! Don't you hate tiny friends? Sydney playing in the rain at the race.
She fell down and skinned up her hands(poor little thing)
John Evan playing in the rocks. Both the kids were all wet and dirty!
Thank you so much to Chase and Kristen for babysitting while I ran! Y'all are great! We will miss you so much when you move to Huntsville! My kids love y'all!


Chris is going to die when he sees this picture! John Evan has to do EVERYTHING Sydney does. So, when she dresses up he has to too! You can't see, but he has on high heels too! I think it is hillarious! The other day I put a tiny little bow in his hair cause he wanted it and Chris had a fit ! You have to pick and choose your battles, right? Speaking of battles.......
I was on the phone with Valoree the other day and John Evan got a role of Elmo wrapping paper. Well, he managed to pull of the plastic wrap and I figured, well it is keeping him quiet and I only pd $1.00 for it so oh well! He had fun!

MOMS Club brought us a beautiful basket filled with yummy fruit and a candle. Thanks MOMS Club for thinking of us during our loss! That was so sweet!
All of y'all know that cooking is not my thing. Not that I don't like it-it just does not seem to work out for me. So, Sydney and I made monkey bread for the first time and it was YUMMY! YAY for me!
John Evan's hair is officially curly! It curls up even more than this when he gets hot or it's rainy outside. I love it!
Valoree and I are bridesmaids in our friend, Angie's, wedding this summer. We went to David's Bridal today to see her wedding dress. It is SO beautiful! I am so excited about the wedding and so honored to be a part of it! Our dresses are pretty darn cute too!

Jenny, when are you going to e-mail me some pictures so I can post about your wedding?