Monday, September 27, 2010

Life Without Limits

My half-marathon is coming up on October 30th. I have been working really hard to train for this race....have overcome some obstacles (believe me you do not want to know details!).... but now I have a big obstacle that I am really struggling with. I have hip bursitis. Basically the bursa (fluid filled sac) is inflamed and is causing me a lot of discomfort! It started about a week and a half ago when I was doing a short run. It just kinda felt like I had a catch in my hip. Then a couple of days later (last weekend) I did a 10 mile run. It did not hurt at all during the run but after I cooled down and rested it was horrible! I could barely put any pressure on my left leg. The next morning I went bto the chiropractor. He explained to me the problem...stretched me out real good...showed me some stretches... told me to ice it....told me to rest it and he would see me in a couple of days. I did all these things and it started to improve. I went back thursday and had same treatment and he said to do a short run this weekend and then come back Monday. So, last night I ran 5 miles. Around mile 4 it started hurting pretty bad. After the run I experienced the same thing-could barely put weight on it. This morning I went back to the chiro. So, here is the deal. I have to make a choice. I can continue to rest it for a couple of weeks (which will put me WAY behind my training schedule-I only have 5 weeks before race) OR I can just push through the pain and just continue to ice and stretch.
It is just so frusturating to have such a passion for something and work so hard and then something like this happen! Poo on my old worn out body!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

end of summer fun

I look back at this picture of John Evan and I on his first day of preschool and I am so excited about his progress! His teachers are real proud of his progress too. They said he is slowly starting to interact with the other kids and he even answered a question outloud the other day in circle time. (he got two skittles for doing that!) Friday night he said "Mommy I had the best day of school ever because everyone stayed on green and we had compter time and we finally got to play outside!" They have been having to play in the gym because of the heat. It was so good to hear him say that! It makes it way easier for me to drop him off in the mornings! Sydney's little friend Beth moved this summer so we got together for one last playdate. The girls were in preschool together and her mom and I were able to form a great friendship too! We'll miss you Robyn and Beth!
Colin's birthday party at CHOM

LOVE the cake!

Sydney will be on the competition dance team again this year. They had a party so they could meet their new "big sisters".

Savannah's birthday party at the pool

We did a lot of pool hopping this summer-it was too hot to do much more! I love John Evan peaking in through the back!

Took the girls to get nails and toes painted and to Logan's for lunch for back to school.

Dance friends got together to paint pottery and celebrate the new year of dance.


chuck e cheese

We had a family day at my house. It was so good to beable to get everybody together (minus Elizabeth and her family cause Kaitlyn was sick) We set up a slip n slide, baby pool, and sprinkler. The kids had a blast!

Pappy even joined in on the fun!

I can't believe Chandler started highschool!

Love Colt sporting his sunglasses!
Evan was SO funny going down the slide!