Saturday, October 06, 2012

Things I love about my babies

SYDNEY KATE (9 next month)

She LOVES herself! She is always looking at herself in the mirror and I love it! I hope she keeps up the confidence! She says "hey, watch this" about a million times a day.

She always tells big detailed stories and then says "you know I'm making this up, right?"

She is such a momma to her brother....always saying "JOHN EVAN......."!!!!!!!!

She is SO sweet! There have been several times where a parent has told me a story about her being extra sweet to their child. 

JOHN EVAN (6 1/2)

He LOVES LOVES LOVES his baby sister! He always wants to snuggle with her and play with her and loves to hug her.

Every night when I put him to bed he asks me to sit in his blue chair.  I am pretty sure he thinks I stay there all night!

He loves school!!!!

He always ask me which child I like the most. HA!


She says "ma-ma"

She is so so sweet and snuggly! She LOVES her pink minky-dot blanket.

She puts her foot in the air and says "more"......that means she wants me to do This little piggy.

She loves to brush her hair. 

She will eat just about anything.

CHRIS (ok i'll add him)

He calls me goregous.

He says "i love you" all the time.

He calls me just to check on me.

He works so hard for us!

He truely loves his kids and prays for them individually.

He has a tender heart and would do anything for anybody!

There are so many more things that I love but these are just to name a few.  My heart is so full!