Thursday, August 23, 2007

57 years

Papa Sid and Grandmother Ruby (Chris's grandparents) celebrated their 57th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. Congratulations!

Papa Sid is whom Sydney was named after! He is so proud of that! We had the whole bunch over for dinner Sunday night. Luckily all I had to provide was the house!

House update

Well, we still have a lot to do to the house, but I got a couple of things I am excited about!
This wall hanging is from Pier 1 and I love it! Thanks Valoree and Angie for the Gift Certificate!

A lady from church gave us a piano. No one in the house plays, but hopefully one day we will learn. Sydney wants me and her to take lessons together!
I'll continue to post updates on the house as we get them done. I am still trying to talk Chris into painting Sydney's room pink for her birthday!

Monday, August 20, 2007

So you think you can dance?

Okay. So I am obsessed with this show! I DVR'd it everytime it came on and after the kids were in bed I grabbed my blanket and curled up in the recliner. I love being able to fast forward commercials!
So, I just think it is so amazing that the dancers can learn those dances in such a small amount of time in styles they didn't know and with partners they have never worked with. They are awesome!
Sabra won and I was so happy! I was pulling for her or Neal. I just really didn't want Danny to win. He is a great dancer but I didn't care for his personality. I liked Lacey a lot but I thought it was only fair that another family was blessed with all that money.
I especially liked all the crump and hip hop routines. Love Shane!
So, what did y'all think? Is anyone as obsessed as me?
Can't wait until next season!

Shelby Park

I thought I would post some pictures of the kids at Shelby Park to help everyone cool off!

The first time we went John Evan didn't want to get in the water!

Chandler was a great help with the kids!
Sydney and Anna M.

Luke was VERY upset the first time he got water in his face! He eventually warmed up a little and played!
Anna H. posing
Too bad the park is not for mommies too cause we just have to sit on the side and burn up! Can't wait for cooler weather!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cool mommy blog

This is a really cool blog I found. She posts all kinds of neat deals like who has diapers and formula on sale, etc.

Check it out.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New look

We went to a surprise b'day party for JesseAnn last week. Mike Schifler had his camera there and got some great shots of the kids.

John Evan has a new look.....................

Just about every time Chris calls his name (and other random times) he turns around and shoots this look. Is it a look of confusion, or is he mad, or is he playing? Who knows but it is hillarious! Thanks to Mike for catching John Evan in the act!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Critter Creek Farm

We (me, the kids, Mary and Drew, Momma, my friend Kim and her kids) all went to Critter Creek farm last Friday. It was super hot, but they had a good time!
John Evan LOVED the rabbits. Here are him and Sarah Madelyn looking at their cage. Drew swinging. How cute is he in that hat?
Drew any Sydney posing in front of the pigs.
John Evan being brave and feeding the goats.
The boys swinging.
We'll definately be heading back when they have the pumpkin patch in the fall. EWWW I can't wait for the FALL weather and football season! Roll Tide~