Monday, December 27, 2010

Life Without Limits Half Marathon

On October 30th I ran the Life Without Limits Half Marathon in Florence, Al. It was so fun! Chris and I left Tuscaloosa on Friday afternoon (after going on a field trip with Sydney) and headed to Florence. We got checking into the hotel and then met up with Yvette and Dan and Roz and Thad and went to dinner at an Italian Restaurant that Thad loves. We met some of Thad's friends there too. Then we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart and then back to hotel. Thad and Roz turned in early and the rest of us just hung out and went down to the hot tub and stuff. The hotel had a rotating restaurant. We didn't eat there but we did check it out. It was really cool. The race was so cool cause it started at the hotel so we literally just had to walk outside to the start line. Chris, Thad, and Roz ran the 5k and yvette and I ran the half. Poor Chris got up that morning and went to put his boots on to go get something out of his truck. He pulled something in his back and was immediently in a lot of pain! He decided to go ahead and run. I don't know how he did it (Thad gave him some words of inspiration) but he ran the 3 miles but was MISERABLE the rest of the day! Yvette and I were so worried about it being cold but the weather was really good. It was a beautiful day, great run, and a flat course. We just ran and chatted the whole time. There were several times when we ran through wooded trails so that was pretty cool and relaxing. It was also really neat to run over the bridges. We stopped to use the port a potty at mile 10 and saw Thad and Rox at about mile 11 then went on to complete the 13.1 miles. I started struggling pretty bad at the end. I was SO ready to be finished!!!!! SO glad I had Yvette to keep me going! We finally crossed the finish line at about 2:37. This was about 5 minutes faster than my first half. It was so neat to have our husbands and friends at the finish line. I was overwhelmed with emotion! So happy to be finished and just felt awesome for accomplishing my goal! But also so tired and sore!
Crossing the finish line

with our supportive hubbies after the race

Thad and Roz did great on the 5K! So glad they were there!

coming down towards the finish line

my tag


so happy to be finished!

Chris and Thad

Yvette and I at the restaurant

thad and Roz at restaurant

Our shirts we wore. The story behind them...... I ALWAYS have to run on the left side no matter what!

getting ready to run

boys getting ready....can you tell Chris is in pain?

almost time

from one of the bridges

I had so much fun! Can't wait until the next one!