Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How sweet is this?

John Evan loves to give kisses. He is also starting to say some words. Some of his new words are " I awnt oose"(I want juice) and Jesus and football. So sweet!

Daddy says "Gimme a kiss"

Here is the kiss
and he is so proud!

Canine Classic 5K

Saturday, Sept. 8th we ran another 5K. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in myslef with this one. My goal going in every time is to run the whole race. Well, this is the first race that I had to stop and walk for a little while. I got a real bad cramp in my side and had to walk it out. Oh well! The Tuscaloosa News said my time was 34 minutes, but Chris said it was a little less than that. Chris and Chad beat their best time with Chad at 27:10 and Chris at 28:58. There were 100 runners there so it was pretty exciting. I will try to do better next time!

WOW-a picture where Chris is actually smiling!

After the race

Friday, September 21, 2007

Oak Mountain State Park

On Labor Day my whole family went to Oak Mountain State Park for a cookout. The park was HUGE and beautiful. We found some picnic tables right by the lake. The kids had a great time just hanging out and playing.

Sydney and Hudson wading in the lake
How sweet is this?
Sweet Pappy finally relaxing after cooking hamburgers and making homemade icecream
Drew taking it all in!

We rented paddle boats. This was not fun! It was HOT and they were hard to paddle especially while holding a 25 pound child in your lap and John Evan was not about wearing his life jacket. Ofcourse the kids liked it, but not so much fun for the adults!
Mary, Drew, and Andy
Richard, Hudson, Chandler , and Valoree
Ofcourse Richard and Chris made bumper boats out of them!

Blowing bubbles

Another crazy face
Sweet cousins!
Sydney can make the faces too!
Thanks family for a fun day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More beach pictures

I hope everyone doesn't get too bored with all my beach pictures!
The Messervy's came to the beach with us and stayed 2 nights. They were already going down with Chris's family for the weekend. We had a blast with them! Chris and Chris played golf on Thursday afternoon while Kim and I just hung out with the kids.

Madison, Chris, Kim, and Jack @ Tacky Jack's
Our only family photo from the beach (right before Sydney got stung by a bee)
One of the walls in the living room was a full mirror. John Evan loved making faces in it!
Blue eyed boys!
The gang of kids
Being silly!
For those of you who didn't know... Kim is pregnant and due in February! Congrats!

Daddy's girl at Lu Lu's
Mommy's boy
Little buddies
How cute are they holding hands under the water? Sydney asked EVERY day when Madison was going to get there!

More rides at the "Track"
John Evan was not happy!
Sydney rode every ride by herself cause there was no one else at the park! She didn't care-she had fun anyway!

She looks frightened but she really wasn't!
I think this is it for now. WE really had a great time. Chris was able to go fishing most mornings and loved it! He caught a TON of fish!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007


I am finally posting some pictures from our beach trip. We went to Orange Beach, Al a couple of weeks ago and had a great time! Sydney LOVED the ocean and the pool. John Evan just tollerated both of them. Ofcourse these are in random order and I will post more later!

One night we went hunting for sand crabs. Sydney thought it was so cool. Chris would put them in her bucket, she would look at them for just a second and then dump them right out.
We stayed at the Phoenix East on the 4th floor.

One day we went to "The Track" where we rode go-carts
and bumper boats.
Alligator Alley
This place was really cool. We got to walk out onto a huge bridge over the swamp and see all the alligators. They were HUGE! We also got to watch during feeding time.
Holding a baby alligator. I was so proud of Sydney since she is pretty much terrified of most animals.
Can you tell I really did not want to do this?

Can you see his head?

This bridge really made me nervous with John Evan!


The ocean..........

Me and my best girl!

Love this!
One night we went out to dinner with a guy named Brian and his family. Chris and Brian work together and they happened to be at the beach too.

We ate a TON of icecream! Chris made homemade vanilla twice (so good Chris!) and we also went to a place called Shakes. It had the best icecream I have EVER eaten! I wish we had one here! Wait-no I don't cause I would want it everyday!

This is pretty much what John Evan wanted to do the whole time. He made me a nervous wreck because he just wanted to walk around and get in and out!

Sydney got pretty brave in her little swimmies.
They dug a pretty deep hole. Sydney was surprised to see that there was water way under the sand.
Splash Pad
Oh I loved this thing! I could actually just sit and relax and watch them play!

More pictures to come soon! It is almost 1am-I better get in the bed!