Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sydney's first hair cut

Okay-so Sydney is over 2 1/2 and just now getting her first hair cut. Poor child. She has been called a boy her whole life. Here is her after her cut. How beautiful!

Before shot. You can't tell a big difference. But it really does look better. Not as scraggly!

She did great. She put her chin down when asked and stayed real still. Brandi has a daughter her age so she was real good with Sydney.

Sydney especially loved the pink hair dryer.
I can't believe how big my baby girl is.
When we got home I said "Oh Sydney your hair looks so beautiful." and she said "Oh mommy your eyebrows look so beautiful." ( I got an eyebrow wax while we were there.) How funny!

trip to huntsville

we took a family trip to huntsville to my friend, kristen's, wedding reception. it was at a beautiful lodge in the mountains. unfortunately i did not get a picture of the beautiful bride. here is sydney doing the chicken dance. she wanted to dance so bad but was afraid if the dj because he was so loud.
Here is Sydney and her friend Madison. Madison was the flower girl. She was so funny handing out bubbles. She asked everybody atleast 3 times to make sure they got some.
This is me and Kim (the bride's sister).
We stayed at The Hamptom Inn that night. Chris and Sydney acted so silly. They put pull-ups on their heads and took pictures of someone's hiny!
HA HA! It is really Chris' arm. Isn't that gross!!!!!!

Anyway... we had a great time. It was really nice to get out of town.

Baby Drew's first birthday

Baby Drew (my nephew) turned 1 on July 13th. Wow-time goes so fast! He had an Elmo party. We celebrated at his house with a cookout and the kids got to play in the hot tub. It took a while for Drew to get into his cake-but he ended up making a mess! Sorry the before and after pictures are backwards!

Here is Ashley's boyfriend, Collin, holding John Evan. This was his first time to hold a baby. Isn't he a cutie!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


This has been a great summer and unfortunately I am having to say goodbye to two of my really great friends (and their families). Kim, Madison, and Chris have moved to Huntsville and Heidi, Raegan, and Thomas are moving to Montgomery. We had some great times together! Here we are at my house in the ghetto pool.

The last time we were all together was at Heidi's. She played Martha and let the kids make their own pizza. They had a blast! Look at all the pepperonis on Sydney's pizza. These two families will be truley missed.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cute cousins

John Evan, Hudson, and Sydney

Ofcourse everytime Hudson wants to hold the baby, so does Sydney. So here they are all together. Aren't they precious?

Growing and growing

John Evan had a check up last Friday. He weighs 10lbs 12oz and is 22 inches. He got one shot and actually handled it pretty well. I can't believe how fast babies grow! He is starting to smile and it is so sweet. Sydney loves to talk to him and try to make him smile. These pictures are not very good. He is a lot cuter in person.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Play dates

Sydney has been getting cabin fever pretty bad lately. So, I decided to try to get out a little bit. We took a trip to Chris' cousin's house. John Evan screamed the whole way there and back. He doesn't seem to like his car seat very much. Here is Sydney and her cousin Jackson....
and big sister Selma Brooke. They had a lot of fun playing together.
Today we took a trip to Brookwood to visit our friends. Here is Luke....

and big sister Anna. Her and Sydney played the best they ever have together. Tammy and I actually had a chance to talk between the boys fussing.
I am so thankful that Sydney and I have such great friends. Sydney thinks it is neat that her and Anna and Selma Brooke all have baby brothers.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's pretend

Sydney's imagination just cracks me up. She has really learned to play by herself since John Evan was born. Sydney was playing with her Cabbage Patch doll and decided they wanted to go swimming. So, she got he laundry basket (that was of course in the living room with everything else-it is crazy how much more laundry one child can add!) and her and her doll took a nice relaxing swim. It was so cute. I just love to sit and listen to her "pretend" while I am nursing the baby. She is amazing!