Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Running again

Chris, Chad, and I ran another 5K on the 21st. It was to raise money for Brookwood's Volleyball team.

Boy does my face get red!

Okay-this is proof that not all runners are in good shape. Just look at this guy! He had his shirt off the ENTIRE time. He never put it back on during the awards or anything! The funniest part was that he ran like a duck! It was hillarious!
Chad received 2nd place in his age group.
Chris got third.
I got 1st place with 31:56--but guess what? I was the only participant in my age group! Oh well-I was still proud!

The race was really tough. It was literally up and down hills the whole way. Chad and Chris were a little ways ahead of me. I was getting really tired towards the end and then I saw the guys passing me going the opposite way and my MP3 player started playing..."There goes my hero" I was so pumped then--Chris really is my hero! I am so happy that he supports me and participates with me in these races! He is a wonderful husband and father. He tells me everday that I am gorgous and that he is proud of me. He is a great provider for his family and he works hard! Thanks Chris!

Summer time

Here are some snap shots of the kids at a b'day party for Sarah Katelyn that lives across the street.
Sneeky little boy with his blow pop

I try to do some one on one girl stuff with Syd when John Evan takes his nap. Here is Sydney after she did her makeup!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Here are just a couple cute pictures.
Every Sunday when we walk out of church Sydney has to pick me a flower. (well ofcourse before we started going to Greensboro)

John Evan loves to sit on his windowsill.

Friday, July 20, 2007

best cousins

Hudson came to spend the night with us a couple of weeks ago. They had the best time playing. Here are just a couple of cute shots.
They decided to make a water slide. So, they carried buckets of water to the top and.....

then went flying down. Luckily, most of the time they landed on their feet.
Cute picture in the club house
John Evan playing in the mud puddle at the bottom of the slide.

I am so thankful that my kids have cousins close by to grow up with! We love you Chandler, Hudson, Shelby, Drew, and babies on the way!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Independene Day

We took the kids to Mallard Creek neighborhood on the 4th. They had a little parade and activities there for the kids. That night we went down town to watch the fireworks. July 4th is one of my favorite holidays!

John Evan was so tired and he fell asleep while walking around down town.
Sydney in her fireman's hat
John Evan waiting on the fireworks to start. He really liked them. The only time he got upset was at the end during the finale because it was so loud.
Chad pulled them around in the wagon.
Posing in front of the helicopter. We got to see it take off and that was pretty cool.
Sydney and Audrey Reagan
Isn't that the coolest outfit ever? Sydney was sure checking it out!
Watching the parade
It was really cute. Kids had their bikes and 4wheelers and whatever else decorated.
Face painting
Riding on DaDa

Trip to SC

Me, the kids, Momma, Daddy, Heather, Elizabeth, and Shelby all went to South Carolina to visit family. The trip was pretty good. The kids did great! Now-the trip back was a different story. Sydney had to stop a million times to tee tee and she threw the biggest fit I have ever seen at McDonalds. I was really stressed out!
We just kinda hung out at Grandma's most of the time. One day we went to see a movie and went out to lunch. We also went to the "yellow mall". The last night me and the kids went to my cousin Brian and Emily's house to hang out. thanks for having us guys!

Sydney, Emily, and Brianna
Sydney playing with the big soccer ball at Kay and William's house where we had a spaghetti dinner
John Evan with the big basketball
My cousins, Christen, Ben and Luke with Daddy and the kids.
As you can see John Evan was not happy unless I was holding him!
I have so many memories of me and my sisters swinging on this front porch. Good times Good times!
Cousin Katie bought the girls a princess crown and earrings. They were so excited! Thanks Katie!
Grandma with the girls
She was telling them stories about when me and Elizabeth were little girls!

Grandma with her brother Tom

It is always great to see Grandma. She is so sweet and funny!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This will not make since to friends that are not members of the church..... but Chris has been called to be the 1st counselor in the branch presidency in Greensboro. So, we will start serving there on Sunday. I will miss all my friends in Tuscaloosa-so y'all gotta keep me up to date on what is going on! Wish us luck!