Tuesday, July 28, 2009

part two of summer vacation

We took the kids to Alligator Alley. You walk all along this bridge that is on the swamp where you can see all the gators and you get to watch the worker feed them. Then you can hold a baby one at the end. Right after this picture was taken the gator jumped and scared the kids to death.
Big gators
The last night at the beach we stayed at my in-law's camper that stays down there. The kids thought it was such a neat little house.

Sydney's mean face

We took a trip to the zoo. It was a small zoo but really neat. Here the kids were feeding the animals.

We had a king bed at the condo and most nights we all slept together. I just thought John Evan looked so tiny in this big bed.

Sydney got a hair braid at one of the souvenier shops. She kept it for about two weeks and thought it was the prettiest thing.

I love going to the beach!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Orange beach trip 2009 part 1

For some reason this post won't let me add anymore pictures so I will have to do more than one post.
We went to Orange Beach at the beginning of June. I must say this was one of the best beach trips we have had in a long time because the kids are getting more independent. In the past John Evan has refused to wear floaties or any kind of floating device therefore I am a nervous wreck when he is in the water. Also, Sydney has never gone under water and was scared to death to do so. Not on this trip! Sydney can go under water (holding her nose) and swim without floaties and John Evan can swim with floaties. It was wonderful! I could actually hang out in the pool without a child clinging to me and could actually go under water myself without living in fear that one of mt kids were going to drown. I am so proud of them!
So, we stayed in a condo on the beach for 4 nights. Chris's mother and step-dad were there for 2 nights and then the last night we stayed in their camper.

Sydney holding her nose getting ready to jump in.
One of Chris's favorite places to eat is Tacky Jack's. It is a really neat place-John Evan loved sitting by the water and watching the boats.

My little man and his floaties. He still mostly hung out by the ladders-but did really good!

They both loved the ocean and the sand. The first time JE got some salt water in his mouth he said "Ew-what flavor is this?"

We got soaked riding the bumper boats. Our plan was to stay away from the waterfalls so we wouldn't get wet-little did we know the middleschoolers would have a blast soaking us. Poor Chris-his water would only shoot straight up so he couldn't get anybody back.

pop with the kids

YaYa with Sydney
They were worn out everyday! JE fell asleep on the couch while we were getting ready for dinner.

Our condo had a splash pad

The first day we unloaded the car and went straight out to the ocean for them to see. They loved running around and ended up getting soaked!

JE was trying to do everything SK did.

LOVE this picture! Looks like she is doing a yoga pose.

face painting from Evan's birthday party. He is a friend from the gym and he had a clown doing face painting.

more to come....

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

trip to South Carolina

Brianna and Sydney

We took a trip to South Carolina to see family and attend my cousin, Christen's, highschool graduation. We arrived Monday afternoon to Emily and Brian's house where we are supper with them and their children and my aunt Jeanie. Tuesday everyone had to work so we went to the outlet mall and rode around trying to catch any relatives at home. We rode by Grandma Jones's house and it was so wierd to see the house after they have both passed away. It makes me really sad. I have so many memories from that house. My cousin and his wife live there and they are fixing it up-it looked really nice. That afternoon we visited with Christen and her family and ate dinner with them. Then off to graduation. It was outside at the highschool stadium. It didn't start until 8pm so we left after her name was called. Wed. morning we headed home. It was a great little trip.

Emily's mother started a little business where they do tea-party birthday parties and stuff like that. Emily took Sydney and I to see it. The little girls get to dress up and sit in the throne....

and walk down the run-way....

her daddy even built the CINDERELLA CARRIAGE! It was amazing! He did it all by hand with NO model to follow. Isn't it beautiful?

My cousins Luke and Ben

Christen and I

She is such a sweet girl and I am so proud of her!

John Evan and AJ

Thank you to the Bolin's for hosting our stay and to the Jones's for visiting with us!

BTW-we were in Gaffney, SC and that is where the serial killer was that went on the week. SCARY! One of the killings happened 1/2 mile from my uncle's house and the ones at the furniture store were friends of Christen's. Really sad. I am so glad they stopped him!

enjoying summer

Jackson and Emma both have summer birthday's so my friend, Christy, has their birthday parties together. This year it was at the Fun Factory.
Jackson turned 3.

Emma turned 6.

Jackson's cake (his grandma always maked their cakes and they are amazing)

Emma's super cute cake

For my birthday weekend (YES THE BIG 3-0) we went to Huntsville to hang out with the Messervy's. Chris had to cut grass at the church's camp site and it is not too far from their house-so we tagged along for the weekend. We arrived on Friday night and Kim and I went out to dinner by ourselves which was fabulous. Sat. we just hung out and let the kids play in the sprinkler and baby pool. That afternoon we went to the outdoor mall and ate dinner and rode over to Kristen's new house. That night Kim and I went for a run together. Sunday we went to church and then headed home. I love hanging out with them. The best part was my AMAZING birthday presents. I once mentioned to Kim that my other friend Kim had a really pretty vanity skirt that I liked and asked her what she thought about them. That was several months ago, well SHE MADE ME ONE and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I will post a picture when I post all about my redecorating. I cried when I opened the box because I was so surprised that she remembered that conversation and that she took the time to makeme one. She also got me a SUPER cute black and white dress and even added some extra fabric on the bottom so it would not be too short! SHE IS AMAZING! Thank you Kim for a great weekend and a great birthday!
John Evan was so tired!


Our welcome sign that Madison made for us!
All the kids

Sydney pooped after playing outside

Our cakes that Kim made for us-did I mention that she is amazing?

I really did have a great birthday. I hung out with Tammy and her kids at the park and she treated us to lunch at my favorite-Firehouse Subs. Thank you Tammy-you are the best! Mary brought me a great cake and a cupcake stand that I have been wanting. Valoree gave me a fabulous purse. Ashley bought me some candy and adorable earrings from Hawaii. Momma got me a super cute elephant bracelet. My MIL got me several shirts and some great new cookware. Christy made me a cute candle with my initials on it. Heidi Ho surprised me by mailing me a great pair of running shorts! Yvette brought me flowers and candy. My SMIL gave me a GC to Tera Lane and my FIL $25.00. Am I missing something? Probably! Thank you to everyone for making my day so special! I can't belive I am 30 years old!