Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Spectacular

Sydney had the opportunity to perform in the Holiday Spectacular at the Bama Theatre on November 22nd. Her dance was to "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" She was also in the closing act. She did a really great job. There were A LOT of rehearsals involved including a 4 hour dress rehearsal the morning of. I am so proud of her for keeping up with all that.
She was SO excited about getting to wear make-up.
YaYa and Sydney and friend Sandra

Miss Nikki and Sydney

Valoree and Hudson and Sydney

Granddaddy and Nonna and Sydney

Sydney and Shelby

with her proud gifts from us!

Sydney with Susu (the owner of ABJ)

showing off her costume

Her friend Audrey Ragan was a reindeer.

Thank you for everybody who came to watch her! Gran Gran Pappy and Chad came too! We went back to the house to warm up with hot chocolate afterwards. Congrats on your first Christmas show Sydney!

Thanksgiving fun

My friend, Karrie, invited us over to do an edible turkey craft. Sydney's finished project. She says the pretzel in the middle is his heart.

Sydney's preschool class had a Thanksgiving lunch. Chris and I ran by Willy T's to pick up the chicken and then joined them for lunch.

They got their first "report card". She got good marks on everything but is still working on cutting good with scissors and recognizing all of her lower-case letters.

visitation day

Last week Sydney's dance studio had a visitation day where friends and family get the chance to watch what the students have been learning. Chris's mom (YaYa) was able to go with us. John Evan did great because Ms. Tricia from the studio gave him a handful of dumdum suckers! Sydney really loves dance and it was neat to watch her.

Sydney with her friend Emma

sweet friend Anna

they also do some tumbling and jazz too!

It's still curly!

So, I finally broke down and got John Evan's hair cut! I really had mixed emotions about it because I knew it would make him lool like a big boy! But with the weather change it just always looked stringy and long instead of curly! Unfortunately, he was not interested so after a lot of bribing and sucker feeding I just decided to hold him against my chest. Laura (a long time family friend) from Tera Lane did a great job! Nikki (my babysitter) was there to take pictures and offer moral support.
It looks SO cute and the best part is it is still curly! It doesn't really look like it in this picture, but after I got home and washed it it looks GREAT!

wow-was it really that bad?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

one more birthday post

I can not believe I have a 5 year old. It does not seem possible! The past 5 years have been wonderful! Sydney Kate is such a wonderful child. She is funny and beautiful and sweet and thoughtful and kind and helpful and fun and did I mention beautiful? Happy Birthday baby I love you!
We took her gifts home from the party to let her open them. She got so many great presents! Thank you everyone for coming!

John Evan at the party. I could tell he didn't feel good and he ended up having bronchitus!

Unfortunately we can't invite everyone we want to. So, since her birthday fell on Thursday (which is the day we have our church playgroup) I took brownies and chips and juice to the park so we could celebrate with her church friends!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sydney Kate's 5th birthday

Sydney Kate had a tailgating party out on the quad. We hired two cheerleaders to teach the kids some cheers and show them some tumbling. It was such a fun party. The weather was perfect (well maybe a little windy) and she had tons of friends there.
Crissy Jo and Tina
We had a big "A" cake and cupcakes and icecream.
Sydney doing her stunts

We attempted to get a picture of all the kids-but not everyone wanted to cooperate. My two kids would not even get in the picture. We had everyone to come dressed to support their favorite team.

the kids and Miss Nikki (the best babysitter in the world-besides family)
Sydney asked for shelled peanuts at her party. For some reason she associates peanuts with football season.

the cake-simple but cute

some of the kids learning a chant

more cheering

we had the kids decorate a megaphone and had tatoos

more pictures to come!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

birthday, baby shower, and Disney On Ice

Sydney Kate's birthday was on November 6th. We celebrated a lot but I'll start out by sharing her fun day at preschool. Chris, John Evan, and I took cupcakes for them to enjoy after their lunch. She was so excited to have us there. She picked out Hannah Montanna and Batman (because I have boys in my class too!).

John Evan felt like such a big boy sitting at the table with her class.

Her birthday crown

Valoree's work friends threw her a baby shower. Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of pictures but here she is with her sweet hostesses. It was so neat to see her get all the cute "girlie" stuff! I can't wait to meet baby girl Morgan! All of my sisters(minus one) were able to attend along with my good friend Angie.

We took the kids to Disney On Ice in Birmingham. This was our 4th year to go but our first year to take John Evan. He did really good. I think her enjoyed it so much because of The Incredibles. To me personally it was not as good as the year's past-but Sydney Kate said it was great -so that is all that matters! Beth and her kids and a friend plus Chris and his mom (yaya) went too! Thanks everybody we had a blast!

We love to dress the girls in mathing outfits!

Kate rode up with us and they were so cute chanting little chears and talking!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thanks Meghan for the fun tag!

8 TV shows I watch:
1. The Office
2. Criminal Minds
3. American Idol (when it is on)
4. So you think you can dance (when it is on)
5. Dancing with the stars(this is my first season to watch this one)
6. Hannah Montanna
7. Sid the Science Kid
8. iCarly
8 Things that happened yesterday
1. tried to force John Evan to take his medicine
2. held and played with my sick baby all day
3. taught a spin class
4. hosted book club
5. played "make-up" with Sydney Kate
6. ran by the grocery store to buy popsicles and cereal
7. hobbled around with a hurt foot (it is feeling much better!)
8. watched dancing with the stars that I had DVR'd

8 Favorite places to eat
1. Taco Casa
2. Bento
3. Cypress Inn
4. Firehouse Subs
5. O'Charlyes
6. McDonalds (french fries)
7. Outback
8. P.F. Chang’s (I have only been there once but I loved it!)
8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
1. John Evan getting better
2. getting my sacrament meeting talk and sharing time over with
3. the holidays with my family
4. my niece being born
5. the buy-out at Mercedes being over with so we will know if we still have a job
6. getting Christmas cards from friends and family to see how much everyone has changed!
7. paying off Chris's truck
8. training for the half-marathon
8 Things on my wish list
1. a foyer table
2. to be more organized
3. to have my laundry and house work caught up
4. new winter clothes and shoes
5. for my kids to always love me as much as they do now
6. for the economy to get better and the gas prices to stay down
7. to be more knowledgable
8. just to stay this happy!
8 Tagged People
1. Tammy
2. Tracy P.
3. Tracy E.
4. Adella
5. Beverly
6. Ashley
7. Annalie
8. Amy T.
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Friday, November 07, 2008

Kaitlyn's birthday and trick-or-treating

My niece, Kaitlyn, turned one on October 30th. Elizabeth decided to have a Halloween party for her so the kids could wear their costumes again.
Daddy had the hay-ride for us again. This is Kaitlyn on the hay-ride.

digging into her cake

(an upside down) picture of her cute cake from Publix-yummy!

All the grand-kids dressed up

Last Friday night I made a big pot of potatoe soup and we took a hay-ride around the neighborhood. Valoree and her family and mom and dad came over.
This picture is super blurry, but my friend Karrie's kids were dressed up from The Wizard of Oz. Their grandma made their costumes and they were SO cute!

Chandler and Sydney

Valoree's cute pregnant belly

Me and Val

Some of the neighborhood kids rode around with us.

I LOVED Chandler's costume

Hudson's too!

Thanks everybody for coming over and to momma and Richard for staying home and handing out candy!