Thursday, April 22, 2010


WOW! I have not blogged in forever! My computer has been messing up for a while and I just have not had the patience. We need a new computer but that cost money! HAHA!
So, I guess I will do a boring update with no pictures.
John Evan is playing soccer for PARA. It has been a whirlwind! HE started out doing great with his first practice but wouldn't even go out onto the field for practice #2. It's almost like it just depends on what kind of mood he is in. Some games he just walks around the field, some games he actually tries to kick the ball, and some games he won't go out there at all. It is very frusturating! We have tried everything! I guess he is just not ready and not interested! Good thing he looks super cute in his uniform!
Sydney had her first two dance competitions in Birmingham this month. It was a really neat experience. One was at Sanford University and the other was at the Alabama Theatre. She danced two group dances (wonder woman and Do Re Mi). They did a great job and had so much fun! Her spring recital is in May. She is really enjoying school finally. They have been doing a lot of fun stuff. Last week they went to the galleria for a field trip and this week they went to the arboretum and the movies. Her teacher got engaged to her pe coach Easter weekend-so she is pumped about that. They are getting married in July.
I am just enjoying being a mommy-I still love to run and spin. I will be running in the Mayors Cup 5k on Saturday. Between that and being Sydney's room mom and working in the primary at church I stay pretty busy. My great friend, Heidi, moved to back to Alabama (b'ham). I am SO excited! We have gotten to hang out several times and I can't wait to hang out more this summer! She is FABULOUS! The kids and I went to Huntsville last weekend to see the Messervy's. Madison got baptized on Saturday. We had a great time! I miss Kim so much! Maybe I can get them to move closer too!
Chris is really into fishing right now when he is not working or helping his brother cut grass. He's also busy training our new dog, Camo.
Well, hopefully we will get a new computer soon so I can post some pictures! I never even finished my Disney post!