Friday, August 29, 2008

playing and soccer

Here are some cute shots of John Evan at the park. As much as I miss Sydney Kate while she is at school I really do enjoy my time with John Evan. He is such a sweet, smart, funny, and loving little boy!

Sydney Kate has had two soccer practices so far and her first game is next weekend. They are the Chipmunks and her coach (Dusty) is super nice. She has tons of fun at practice and is really excited about her first game. It is going to be total craziness!

Sydney Kate is still doing great at preschool. She still does not get excited about going but once she is there she is fine. She is very happy when I pick her up and I love to hear about her day. She has already told me about one little boy that needs ear plugs like her Gran Gran because he does not listen (she meant hearing aids). So funny!
I am so excited about ALABAMA FOOTBALL! Roll Tide!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My first medal and more

We did a 5K on Saturday and they gave trophies and gold, silver, and bronze medals. I got a bronze medal for 3rd place in my age group with a time @ 30:15. Chris finished @ 26:13. I was SO excited to get a medal!

Chris and I before the race

Karrie and I before the race
showing off our "bling"
Karrie and I finished together but since she is 30 now she got first place in her group.
Can you tell I was excited?
We went to Elly's birthday party after the race. Isn't this a cute cake?

Happy 4th birthday!
How cute is my baby?

Friday night I babysat Ava-Brooke. She is such a sweet little girl!
Tinker Bell

Thursday, August 14, 2008


My friend, Dawn, sent me this picture. This was taken at the house I grew up in and we were in the 6th grade. My glasses were HUGE! Good times-Good times!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

first day pictures

Sydney Kate and MawMaw
Sydney Kate with her lunch box
her classroom
This is in the car after school. I bought her some books for being such a big girl. I bought myself some M&M's! HAHA!
We found out that Sydney Kate's soccer team is the Chipmunks. How cute is that? She starts practice on Monday.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sydney Kate's first day of preschool

Okay, for some reason this darn blog is not letting me post pictures but I still wanted to go ahead and write about Sydney Kate's first day of preschool. So, first of all Sydney has decided that she now wants to be called Sydney Kate. That is what she wanted monogrammed on her lunch box and that is what she wants Ms. Barbara and Ms. Benita to call her. She has always called herself that when someone asks her name, but I do not usually call her that. So, I will try!
Sydney Kate has been kinda back and forth about preschool . She was very excited when we went and registered her several months ago and even more excited when we picked out her lunch box. Several weeks before she started getting nervous and didn't want to go. She even cried when Ms. Nikki from the gym asked her about it. So, ofcourse I am having second thoughts. Monday night we had open house and that totally changed her for the better. She has been excited ever since.
Friday morning comes around and Maw Maw (my neighbor from our old house) comes over to keep John Evan. Sydney Kate and I get to school and we are still in the car. I suggest that we say a prayer together. As I am praying, Sydney says "Momma don't forget to pray that I won't be nervous about leaving you." So, I'm like oh great-I have made too big of a deal out of this! We walk in and she is a little clingy to me. The teachers say good morning and show her where to put her lunch box. She just walks off and starts playing. I take a couple of pictures then I'm like what now? I didn't want to leave! But I did and as soon as I walked out of the classroom I lost it. I saw my friend, Katrin, out in the hall and she hugged me and I just boohooed! She came out to my car and we talked for a while. She definately cheered me up! But, I still cried all the way home and on and off all morning! Poor John Evan thought I was pitiful! I just could not believe that my best friend was old enough to go to preschool. I want her home with me. But, I know this will be good for her and me. Ofcourse i have all these doubts about am I am good mom? Does she love me? Is she going to miss me? Is she going to love her teachers more than me? After looking at the clock 100 times it was finally time to pick her up. She looked so cute and was smiling so big! She got in the car and said she had a great day and she loved it and she wants to go everyday! But mommy can only handle Mon. Wed, and Fri. from 8:30-12:00!
I hope she does just as well in the morning and I hope I do a little better ! Wish me luck and I will post pictures of her cute outfit and lunckbox soon!

Friday, August 08, 2008

We bought a GPS and it is wonderful! I love it-maybe now Chris will let me drive more by myself! HAHA! We have been to several birthday parties lately but I seem to always forget to bring my camera. These two pictures are from Paige's party. This is a little girl that we knew from Fitness One (where I used to workout). We also went to a fun swimming party for Sarene Archibald, an awesome "wild rapids" water slide party for Taylor Williams, and a cute little lady bug party for Olivia Martin. You should have seen how cute the cakes and cupcakes were that Cheyenne made.
Sydney and Paige
Sydney will be attending preschool at Valley View (right down the street from our house). Monday night they had open house where we met her teachers and saw her classroom. She was very excited! There will be 9 boys and 5 girls and 2 teachers. She just walked around and checked everything out.

On the way home from Huntsville we stopped at the Galleria to ride the carousel.

Last weekend Sydney had "tryouts" for a dance Holiday show. It will be on November 22nd at the Bama Theatre. They will post the results today but I am pretty sure that everyone in their age group will make it. She is very excited to do another recital!

Sydney is also going to be playing soccer for Upward Soccer. She had an evaluation last weekend. She was so cute in her little tennis shoes and ponytail. She did really good running, kicking, and dribbling the ball. Practice starts in two weeks and games are on Sat. mornings starting in September. I don't know how I will keep John Evan off the soccer field. He wants to play so bad!
John Evan has mastered riding his scooter. It is the cutest thing seeing him push off with one leg. He is growing so fast! He is now way into Thomas and other "choo choo" trains. He talks non stop and I can pretty much understand most things he says. His eating is getting a little bit better but still only includes diced peaches, manderine oranges, yogurt, chicken nuggets from McDonalds, and milk. Better than nothing!


My little family went to Huntsville to visit the Messervy's. Kim and I are great friends and I really miss them being in Tuscaloosa. We mainly just hung out. With 5 kids (4 of them being 4 and under) that's really all you can do. I pretty much felt like we were in the kitchen the whole weekend. Ofcourse that would be Kim cooking and me supervising or doing a little bit of cleaning. Kim and I did get to sneak off to Wal-Mart with just Kate which was nice. We also got to go running Saturday night. We went three miles and made it home covered in bugs! Anyway, the kids had a blast.

There is the prettiest waterfall in the entrance to a neighborhood so we stopped for some photos.

They also had a cute duck pond.

Saturday morning we went and picked blueberries. This was a first for me. The kids were so cute with their little individual buckets.

Jack did more eating than anything. John Evan would pick them and then feed them to Jack. So cute!
We made fresh blueberry muffins. We also made a double batch of brownies.
This is pretty much what the boys did on Saturday. I think Chris M. was asleep in Jack's room. We stayed at Kristen(Kim's sister) and Chases's apartment. Thank you guys so much!

Kim has a great backyard with a swing set and trampoline.

I LOVE this!
Little baby Kate is so sweet. Half the time I would forget Kim even had her on her hip cause she is so quiet!

Thanks guys! We had a great time! Come see us soon!