Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I worried for nothing

Why is it that kids always sleep in on a day they need to be up and wake up early on the day they could have slept in???
 I had to wake CB up, she ate bacon (she loves bacon and we hardly ever make it) , and then we started getting ready.  The night before we picked out a dress and then it was on to panties.  We tried on at least 5 different pairs and she had to run through the house in them to see how they felt.  In the end she picked out a plain white pair with a little tiny bow in the front.  She fussed about it but never cried.  She walked around and kept kinda picking at them and I told her that she didn"t want her friends to think she was digging in her hiney.  She didn't like that.  We moved onto shoes and she never said a word!!! It was amazing! I was literally holding my breath all morning waiting on a fit to break loose any minute but it never did.  Sydney Kate was so much help getting her ready! So, when we got to school she walked right into her room and said "what should I do?" So she signed in by putting her name card in the slot and started doing a puzzle. I talked to her teachers for a few minutes and she looked at me and said "bye momma".  I am so so proud of her!!! No tears from her or me! I know it helped having SK and JE with me so I didn't go home alone.  Around 9:30am I got a little sad thinking about the fact that she had been there an hour and wondering how she was doing.  I picked her up through the car pool lane and Ms Nan said she had a great day and was a very good listener and was going to do great! The best thing was that she still had on panties and shoes!!!!! These are the things CB had to say.........
-I got to be the line leader. 
- We read  a book about raccoons. Me- was it "The Kissing Hand"?  CB- No, it was about raccoons.
-We didn't get to play on the playground but we did go for a walk and I saw TACO CASA!!!!!
       (TC is her all time favorite and it's right next door to her school)
- We sat on tape (their spots on the rug) and a little girl pulled my hand and it made me scrape my knee on the rug.  (that made me sad)
-I have a boss (preschool director) and she has a red chair in her room.
-One friend had to sit in time out but it wasn't me.
-I had fun and want to go back everyday. to work on wearing shoes and panties at all other places! HAHA

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