Sunday, August 09, 2015

mommy problems

It is 1am the morning of Charley Bec's first day of preschool.  She will be 4 next week.  She has begged for at least a year to be able to go to school like Bubba and Sissy.  She is so ready! She wants friends so bad. She is ready to play and to learn.  I am not as emotional (yet) as I was with Sydney Kate and John Evan.  There is one thing that bothers me.....she refuses to wear panties or shoes.  "well just force her" you would say.  In my experience you can not force someone to wear something when they can physically take them back off 2seconds later.
Here's the back story.  About 6 months ago CB got really picky about what she wanted to wear and what was comfortable.  Somehow she got to where she wanted to remove all her clothes when she was in the car or in the house.  I let her do this for a few months.  I would undress and dress her a million times a day.  It was exhausting.  At some point she stopped wanting to wear panties too.  After a while I decided to toughen up and we did "clothes boot camp".  I refused to allow her take her clothes off.  There were lots of tears and sadness for a few days but eventually she stopped fussing about it...but still no shoes or panties.  She has been promising that when she starts school that she will do it.  We have been doing a lot of talking and preparing.  My mom took her shopping and let her pick out some shoes and panties that she really liked. So, tonight we layed out a pair of panties ( after her trying on 4 different pair and running around the house in each pair to see how they felt) and a pretty dress and her new shoes.  I am just so nervous about how the morning will go.  She is a very strong willed child! Other than that I know she will love it.  She has Mrs Nan and Mrs Kim who are the teachers that John Evan had.  I am super excited about that and I know that she will be loved and taken care of. 
At open house she wouldn't really talk to her teachers but she did play and meet a new friend named Maggie.  She asks Sissy and Bubba a lot of questions about what she will be doing.  When asked if she is excited she answers "yes, but not about wearing shoes and panties".  She also says her room is very small. 
I love this little tiny child of mine and I pray for a good first day and year!


heidi said...

A- I'm so glad you blogged this! I miss you!
B- Athena blythe and Charley bec can be cellmates someday.
C- you are my favorite

heidi said...

D- AB calls Reagan and scarlett, buddy and sissy

Caroline said...

AB and CB in the state prison! HAHAHA

meliani hu said...

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