Wednesday, August 12, 2015

middle school and 4th

I'm not even going to say the "I can't believe SK is old enough for middle school...or....time slow down....or.....what happened to my baby?"  BUT SERIOUSLY WOW!

SK will start 6th tomorrow and JE will start 4th.
 We had some issues at schedule pick up and had to wait a few days to get SK's correct schedule and had to change to a bottom locker because she couldn't see the numbers on the top but other than that things are going pretty well.  She has some sweet 7th and 8th grade friends who helped her decorate her locker and find all her classrooms etc.  Things would have been tough without them for sure! She is excited and nervous for sure! Luckily she fell asleep reading (she literally has like 10 pages left in her summer reading book)! I imagine her nerves would have made it difficult to fall asleep if she had not.  She isn't too thrilled about having 1st period PE:( I have really done ok until today.  She stood up tonight to take a picture with her uncle Chad and it hit me....she is a BEAUTIFUL young girl...a middle schooler.....she is about to start a new journey and I could not be more proud of the person she is!

Sweet JE is exited about his friends and his school supplies:)  Him and his best friend Jackson are in the same class together for the first time.  Christy and I have been trying to make this happen since preschool! YAY! They have Mr Oden ( who SK had for 4th). He is a great smart and organized and fun! They will have a great year!

Chris gave the kids a special father's blessing (prayer) for the new school year. I always tell the kids to be a good example and make good choices.  I pray that they can always remember that and make their Heavenly Father proud. 
Now to get some sleep.


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